Apartheid might be over, but the white people are still selling rotten chickens to the black people...

(BBC) The leader of the South African Communist Party has accused poultry manufacturers of racism.

Blade Nzimande said that the poultry industry was selling "rotten" meat to black people.

He said chicken past its best-before date was being recycled - thawed, washed and injected with flavouring - then sold to shops in black townships.

A spokesman for the poultry industry admitted the practice takes place, but said it was both safe and legal.

The meat is removed from major chains of supermarkets and is re-distributed to spaza shops - smaller, family-run shops which serve black communities - and independent wholesalers.

Will things ever change? Will this racist chicken business change? No, it will not. Why? Because even if black people ran the poultry industry, folks in the townships will still be sold this bad chicken. So, you're really down to two choices: one, change the class structure; or, two, really cook that chicken good—cook it until it is overdone and everything inside of it is dead-dead. Those are your two choices at this point: revolution or extra serious cooking.