30 minutes and no one had posted a comment on this one.... interesting
Some of those poor black people might not get to eat chicken at all if this cheap chicken was thrown out instead of being recycled. Count your blessings, South Africans. But do make sure you cook them thoroughly.
This happens all the time across lots of industries where you have spoilage.

McPherson's produce on Beacon Hill is AMAZING, and I'm pretty sure they get most of their produce at really good prices because it's sitting in a warehouse somewhere about to get ripe, and the wholesaler needs to move it ASAP.
Yeah, some supermarket chains in the U.S. got caught doing that a few years ago--unwrapping the meat, washing it in dilute bleach solution to get the smelly slime off, then repackaging with a whole new "best by" date.
And of course we'll just accept this guy's claims about rotten chicken at face value. Because bizarre, unsubstantiated claims NEVER come out of Africa, especially when they can link it to white racism.
How do you know the chicken company is owned by whites? Honestly it sounds so corrupt and incompetently run that if I had to bet $$$$ I would bet that it is run by blacks.
hey there's starving people in africa that would love to eat.... oh yeah nvm. just throw in some water mellon as a package deal and they won't bitch.
Well, I guess we know The Troll's real name now.
If Upton Sinclair heard about this he would be sick... from food poisoning.

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