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Fucking moron. I feel sorry for the neighbor.
The article says he's going to be charged with first-degree assault.

He shot the guy in the head... why wouldn't they charge him with attempted homicide (or are the two charges essentially the same thing)?
This wouldn't happen if we had mandatory gun laws. If everyone was required by law to carry a gun at all times the guy would have known his victim was armed & that would have prevented the shooting . . . or something like that.
I know I know I know! Is this a guessing game for us to bet what race this guy handling a dispute over a domino's game with a gun is?

How about we ban guns from African Americans first for 5 years as a test trial run to determine how much gun violence goes down? Or even to see if such a law would be followed by all those black fellas?

Chuck what do you think the odds would be, that if enacted the law would be followed by all?
Good Morning Charles,
While that account is quite unfortunate, this story which I read this morning in the Seattle Times is far sadder:…

What's shocking in the latter account is the fact that the fellow had a felony criminal record (he sexually assualted a child) and still was able to obtain a handgun. Senseless. Three victims fatally shot. One gun.

Look, I understand you believe this to be a "gun-crazy country". I somewhat agree. However, both of these crimes were crimes of passion (the former a heated argument involving a game, the latter a domestic dispute ie. argument) in which an efficient and easily available weapon, a handgun was used. These situations happen in any age and in any society. Unfortunately today in the USA, the technology and availability render many disputes with lethal consequences. However, I don't know that the country is "gun-crazy". Certain people surely are or become so but maybe not the country as a whole. Yesterday in the paper, I discovered that Mexico, our Southern neighbor has only one gun store in the ENTIRE country. It has some of the strictest gun regulation laws on earth. Given the explosion in carnage the past few years there because of the drug cartel wars, one would find that fact incredible. I believe it is either keeping up or even outpacing the USA in gun-related violent crime (I don't have the data). Mexico as well is testing me as to whether it is a "gun-crazy country".

More fascinating was the "Single Bullet Theory Shooting" in Maple Valley because some zipperhead called a Uker a Crip and dude popped him in the neck, bullet went through and his gf in head.

So, it's possible.…

And the underclass, of course, are sitting ducks behind their bullet-permeable bathroom walls.
Who the fuck plays "Dominoes"?
No seriously, dude, black people aren't the problem. Poor people are the problem. I've mansplained this to you many times already.
there's a difference between negro's and niggers. clearly only a nigger would shoot some one over a domino game. the fact that said nigger was a felon and a rapo surprises me not one bit.
@10. None of these blacks are poor. In fact they almost certainly have moremmoney than me. The bottom line is that blacks are genetically prone to violence and stupidity.
Thought this would be a discussion about guns.

Turns out white males love turning every discussion into one about race.

Good job fucktards.
#13: I'd like it if females of every color would comment that most of the felonious shooters and people in prison are males, every time there's a SLOG post about stupid gun violence. But probably the comments would be regarded as 'sexist' (even though they are true!) and removed.
@11: Crawl back under your rock, failtroll.
@12: I'd love to know your secret for divining the socioeconomic status of people just by thinking really hard.

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