Copyranter alerts us to the launch of Seattle's Jones Soda in New Zealand, where consumers are being introduced to Jones via this proudly "inappropriate" ad. (Full size, with almost fully readable text, here.)


I recognize the pickaninny, the ching-chong Chinaman, the Muslim bomber, and the presumable sexual minority in a leather hood, but what are the other "inappropriate" stereotypes supposed to represent? Morbidly obese women with bangs? Fat girls with bangs? Gnomes?

Also, I understand what the ad folk were going for, but something along the lines of, say, a pug in a bikini would've communicated sassy impropriety far more attractively than this retardo-Benetton collage.

UPDATE: Jezebel gets a response from Jones Co.:

This ad is counterintuitive with Jones Soda's core values of celebrating uniqueness and individuality, and we deeply apologize for any offense it has created. Unbeknown to us, the ad was created by an advertising agency in New Zealand on behalf of a distribution partner. Please know this ad was not approved by Jones Soda's corporate, we do not agree with it, and are working on its immediate removal.

Thanks for the update tip, raku.