Reminds me of some of the cartoon shorts figures you see in Australian and British TV.

Maybe it's not intended for you?

Yes, that's a Gnome.

The cook on the left I've seen before. Same with the redhead with bangs.
It still doesn't change the fact that Jones sodas are just. plain. awful. Really. They suck. They are headache and vomit inducing bottles of chemical nastiness with no regard for real flavor.
that's a conservative's definition of inappropriate.
Does this follow the adage that any publicity is good publicity? Because I think they made a huge mistake.
The girl with the bow is representing "gingers". Apparently, in other English speaking countries, gingers are a ridiculed minority. Methinks the brunette is just a fat girl.
Fat girl, someone with Down's Syndrome, and a dwarf, per the text.
Ah, yes, double inappropriate points for a fat ginger.
Either the big one on top or the redhead on the left are supposed to be retards. I guess the pointy hat guy is a cyclops garden gnome or something.
It sounds like the ad had nothing to do with Seattle or Jones Soda corporation. At least that's something.

This ad is counterintuitive with Jones Soda's core values of celebrating uniqueness and individuality, and we deeply apologize for any offense it has created.

Unbeknown to us, the ad was created by an advertising agency in New Zealand on behalf of a distribution partner.

Please know this ad was not approved by Jones Soda's corporate, we do not agree with it, and are working on its immediate removal.…
"PC" is a frequent target of the conservolibertarianteabagger types as a cover for their racism. Whenever I hear someone disparage someone for being "PC" I insert the words "Polite Company" instead of "Politically Correct":
"Gyar! I can't stand when people are hung up on being Polite Company!" "You can't force me to be Polite Company!" Etc...
That really gets to the point of it just being a question of being well mannered and not of some crusade for personal freedoms (for racists).
I would have said "counterpurposive", not "counterintuitive".
@3... i stated that poorly. the ad is supposed to be inappropriate in an acceptable manner, such as the pug-tutu example. instead, it plays like a list of stereotyped notions held by conservatives that the "liberal overly-pc media" no longer allows them to use. it's not funny, because the "inappropriate" that is okay -- that jones is likely going for -- is the acceptable kind of inappropriate, not the unacceptable kind that mind appeal to bigots. that's what i was trying to get into a sentence and completely missed.
Better yet, "inconsistent". OK, time to clip my toenails.
Well at least they are an equal opportunity multi-racial, multi-ethnicity, multi-stereotypical offender.
This ad is offensive! I'm offended!
Earthy humour is a mainstay of Kiwis.
@16, "earthy" = yet another word that Will in Seattle does not understand the meaning of.
@16: You know, every now and then I unblock your comments and I am awestruck - yet again - by the breadth of your stupidity. "Earthy" humor is usually a joke about getting drunk and peeing in inappropriate receptacles; this shit is fucking offensive. It's as earthy as the Australians in blackface were.

Jesus, Will. You really are a colossal fucktard.
Ah...I see Fnarf got there first again.
Post-race miracle humans, indeed.
the fat girl is supposed to be a disabled person with down syndrome i thing
people are so touchy these days.
@17 lol. Unlike you, I'm a published author in NZ and was a guest in many of their cities.

And one of the things I found fascinating was collecting some of their works of earthy humour, most involving sheep dogs and farm jokes.

Think I still have about 30 of them.
New Zealand, always trying to emulate big brother Australia. It's so cute!
@23, you are not and have never been a published author in New Zealand, you sack of diarrhea. Feel free to prove me wrong with a citation. It doesn't have to be an internet citation; it can be behind one of your "mil firewalls" or whatever you're calling it these days. Anything at all.

Or maybe its in one of those museums you get the city of wrong. Auckland, Wellington, what's the difference, right, Will?

What's amazing isn't that you don't know anything about New Zealand; lots of people don't know anything about New Zealand. What's amazing is that you've been there, and you STILL know nothing about it, or anyplace else. If you answered a questionnaire about Francis Street, you'd get all the answers wrong.
@25 wrong again fucktard.

You still live under the delusion that everything is on the Net.

It's not. And no amount of querying will do it, dickweed,
@25, charity trivia/boxing night already.
Bitching about the absurdity of political correctness (even in the context of a smugly winky advertisement) is a good way to demonstrate a lack of understanding of its actual point.
@27: I was hoping Strangercrombie would do a Fnarf vs. Will in Seattle photo shoot this year.
@26, it's incorrect to end a sentence with a comma.

And I very specifically said "it doesn't have to be on the internet". I just want you to offer up SOME evidence for your ridiculous claim. If you have it in hand, just type it in. Otherwise I don't believe you, and no one else here believes you either.

Of course, the real situtation is that New Zealand, like all developed countries, has a national library, and like all national libraries it has a catalog, which is in fact accessible over the internet where I'm sitting right this second. You wouldn't know that, of course, because you haven't a clue how libraries or publishing work.

And you're not in it.

Unless, of course, you're using a pseudonym. In which case all you have to do to prove me wrong is tell us what it is. Just give me a name and I'll do the rest. And if I'm wrong, I'll apologize, like I always do when I'm wrong -- another thing you wouldn't be familiar with, apologizing when you're wrong, which you always are but never do.
@30 next thing you know, Fnarf will realize James Tiptree not only isn't a man, she's got a different name.
@31, no, Will. I know what pseudonyms are. I want to know yours. You know, the name you have claimed repeatedly you write your many published books under. Just give me the name.
I think I might know Will. The more I read his posts, the more I think I actually know him. If it is not him, then I officially hate two people now.
Maybe Will had a letter to the editor accepted in the
Challenge Weekly thanking them for their hospitality and earthy humor?

He probably thinking posting here on Slog constitutes being published.

What cracks me up more, however, is the phrase: "was a guest in many of their cities."

WTF? Was the great white WiS being honored for deigning to visit poor backwards Kiwiland?
Oh, Will.

And, re the questionable ad - it's just as well that Jones is trying to distance itself from it, although, to be fair, the so-called 'pickaninny' would be more familiar to NZ eyes as a Golliwog, a magical being whose image has been used in advertising for generations in NZ, Australia, Great Britain, etc... They do indeed strike our eyes as racist images, but they're not truly perceived that way in countries where they're popular....…

"They do indeed strike our eyes as racist images, but they're not truly perceived that way in countries where they're popular...."

My god, are you fucking intensely dense.
@35, gollies very much indeed are perceived as racist by black people in those countries.
i am the eric cartman and i approve this ad .
" you are not and have never been a published author in New Zealand, you sack of diarrhea."

That just made my day. Thanks for the guffaw!
@Fnarf, It doesnt matter who he is or what he has done, if it's true then he made those comments as that guy, if they are false, HE MADE THOSE COMMENTS AS A GUY (Who is a liar). Its 1000000% unimportant to your bickering.

@Fnarf, If you REALLY want to make a troll feel bad, DON'T respond to him, then he thinks nobody even read his clever comment.

@Fnarf and Will feud: Are either of them hot? I get the impression that both are slapably ugly.

@NZ, If you make an advert designed to offend everyone except racists (And white dudes? Why no redneck?), be sure to check that they are a big enough market to buy your crap.
You're calling them out for being offensive while using the ableist slur "r*****"? Seriously?

I mean, don't get me wrong, this is terrible. But way to miss the damn point.

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