That is disgusting on every level imaginable. "The body of Christ..." *CRUNCH* "The blood that was shed for you and for me" *UUUURRRP*
FYI, the teenage take on this? No questions about religion, or doritos substituting for those dry wafers...just: "How can Pepsi and Doritos be in the same commercial? Are they owned by the same company? ....fwiw...
Nah, it's obviously not a Catholic church (vestments are wrong - as in there are none, and I've never seen a Catholic church use individual cups for the wine), so he won't care. Everyone knows Jesus is only really present in the Eucharist in Catholic churches. Those heathen Protestants might as well use Doritos and Pepsi.

That commercial is in poor taste on so many levels, though.
Happy New Year, Danielsan!

I love that they showed an old PC behind the desk beforehand and a brand new Mac at the end.

Praise the Lord! I mean pass the chips please.
That is so adorable. This wasn't created or paid for by salt-and-syrup, though - they do a contest every year inviting ad companies to compete in a popular vote to win money and a contract with PepsiCo.

Donohue could try picking on PepsiCo, but he'd have to argue that they should have refused the entry. Still, he's mostly after publicity as usual, just like PepsiCo, so he just may!
P.S. I ran across news of a nice development in the waning-power-of-conservative-religion story: Utah schools starting to see first gay-straight alliances forming (note strong support by ass-kick-threatening ACLU):…
Gus, I saw this earlier too. We are winning, slow and steady as we go. I love that this is happening in UTAH of all places.
Isn't it great, despicable me. And I love that young Eric Hamren was all, "yes, NYT, you may take a picture of me looking lovely, anything for the cause...."
The Vatican bank has been engaged in money laundering. Maybe they secretly own advertising agencies.
Woah, that's the Angry Video Game Nerd who bobs his head out... what an odd cameo.
Besides what Sheryl said, what sort of Catholic church would have clear glass windows with drapes? Or a reader board outside listing what that week's sermon is about? or look like some New Englandy Protestant thing? The only thing even remotely Catholic was the complaining about lack of money,

Dan, I'm frankly shocked, I realize that you are about as Catholic as I am, but how could you miss such obvious clues?
yes #2 @Canuck .. frito lay is owned by Pepsico
Oh c'mon peeps, if you're trying to think like Bill Donahue don't use logic! Use knee-jerk outrage! The guy believes fervently in an invisible magic sky god for crying out loud, he can willfully miss all the non-catholic clues he wants to if sees any opportunity to make a buck off this.
Oh, and the "priest" is wearing a wedding ring.
Close focus on the desk is clearly used to hide the overflowing letter bins for "church assets to be hidden" and "molestation victims to be compensated."
Second person in the Pepsi line is wearing some kind of Puritan/Amish apron & bonnet. Fourth person is a guy with a yarmulke.
excerpt from the NYT article linked above:
"As she did in St. George last year, Ms. Goddard has warned officials that... policies [attempting to restrict GSA clubs] may violate the federal Equal Access Act— a law passed by Congress in the 1980s, mainly to protect Bible study groups in schools, that has become a prime tool for protecting Gay-Straight Alliances from arbitrary hurdles."

Love the irony!!!! You want rights? Then you gotta give rights.
Whenever I see something like this, I instantly imagine the producer/creator showing it to a room of well-paid, Ivy League-educated executives who in turn look at each other and say, "So we're all agreed this is a great idea, right?"

Anyone can make something insane, getting it approved by a room of educated, intelligent people is the magic.
I'm sure someone's knickers will get in a twist over this, but not mine.
truly hilarious. membership is a real problem for mainline denominations, and anyone facing that problem who also has a sense of humor will find this hilarious. and for that matter maybe be a little envious.
Wait; what? There's something so unsettlingly wrong about this ad, I think because it speaks to such a disturbingly obvious truth about religion.
I guess I'll be the first to criticize the commercial itself. Paying for the gas to travel and spending a couple hours at church for a single dorito and mini-cup of pepsi makes no fucking logical sense when you could pick up a bag and a case cheaper at the grocery store.

Now back to your regularly scheduled sense of humor.
This is extra great because the Religious Right has been waging war against Pepsi for "taking part in the culture war"(i.e. donating to GLBT causes) for years now. It's an entirely unsuccessful war, from the looks of things.
It's just like the Buddy Christ in Dogma...…
Honestly, I think this is just an attempt at a viral advertisement. Make something controversial, get it banned so you don't actually have to have it run, put an internet celebrity in it -- bam, instant cheap publicity.

James looks good with a beard.
Last Suppers with leather daddies doesn't offend me. but somehow this does.

I think its just the sheer illogic of it. I'm not going to sit through a church service to get 35 cents worth of bland snacks. In that light, this congregation is even dumber than the ones who go to church because of lifelong indoctrination.
Thank you, sir, may I have another?

Like this guy?…

As for the "makes no sense" crowd: the suggestion that I get (particularly with planting the Mennonite and guy with Kippah and guy in Orthodox Jewish vestments and stereotypical black Baptist etc.) is that if you're going to church anyway, you'd rather go to the one serving Doritos(R) and Pepsi(R). It's about competing with other churches, not competing with no church e.g. sitting on your couch and eating a whole bag of Doritos(R) and drinking a whole two-liter of Pepsi(R). It's also, of course, deeply sacrilegious, which is hilarious, and ironic in that it treats going to church as a given but basically mocks the ceremony of religion. Although, if you can magically transform wine and a bland cracker into blood and flesh, why not Doritos(R) and Pepsi(R)?

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