From the Queen Anne View: Seattle Public Library is offering free music—three downloads a week if you have a library ID—though Freegal. They only offer access to work by Sony Music artists, but that’s about half a million songs; among the songs mentioned in the press release is Dave Brubeck’s “Take Five,” which is mind-fuckingly good.

If you think you have a prize-winning mustache (or can grow one by Sunday), head over to the Beard & Stache Fest held this Sunday at 1 pm in Fremont, reports the Fremont Universe. This event will involves many mustached men (mustachio'd ladies also welcome) pimping their lip hair for a good cause. You see, the event is also a photo competition. Participants will have their faces plastered on donation cans around the city to raise money for Treehouse, an organization that supports foster children.

HOORAY! Columbia City Cinema is, in fact, not going under, reports Seattlest.