Dorn totally got cut off today on whatever radio show comes after the one that comes after Steve Scher. I kinda felt bad for him.
There is nothing stopping the Governor from streamlining and consolidating. Nothing.

But if she wants to create a whole other office AND eliminate (downplay) another elected official's role, then you have to ask - what's her motive? Why is Randy Dorn less accountable to voters than he would be to an appointed Secretary of Education? How will a Secretary of Education be better? How does this save money?

The Governor needs to answer those questions before she changes anything.
I wasn't really sure I was going to win the election. What I was trying to say was that if we had to go forward with the same person (Terry Bergeson), it made sense to eliminate the position and let the governor appoint someone.
So I guess if he doesn't like our current governor, we should eliminate the position of governor, rather than, say, vote someone else in. This guy isn't very good at back-peddling.

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