Democratic Congressman Jim McDermott is offering only a very brief statement on the alleged death threats made against him:

I can confirm that a death threat was made against me and that the FBI, working with the Capitol Police, has arrested the individual responsible for the threat. Per the FBI’s advice, we are referring all inquiries related to this matter to the FBI’s Seattle office... I have full confidence in the law enforcement agencies handling the case and remain focused on serving my constituents.

Meanwhile, the federal complaint against Charles Turner Habermann, of Palm Springs, CA, alleges that Habermann threatened to kill McDermott last month over McDermott's position on extending the Bush-era tax cuts for the wealthy (McDermott opposed the idea) and extending unemployment insurance (McDermott supported the idea).

The complaint says Habermann admitted to the FBI that he made threatening calls to McDermott. "Although Habermann said he had been drinking alcohol before he made the calls, Habermann said he thought that he would have been able to drive his car when he made the calls," the complaint says. Habermann also admitted making calls to another member of Congress, identified in the complaint only by the initials "C.P."

In March of last year, Habermann came to the attention of California authorities after making threatening calls to a state assembly member. At the time, according to the complaint, Habermann appeared upset about President Obama's health care reform push. He allegedly told the state assembly member to "watch his back," and said in a voice message that the founding fathers would kill Obama if they were alive today.

During a conversation with FBI agents last month, according to the complaint, "Habermann stated that he never had any intention of hurting anyone, and that he had too much to lose—referring to his $3,000,000 trust fund—to ever do anything that would get him sent to prison."

And now, the alleged Habermann voice mails, as recounted in the federal complaint against him and transcribed by Stranger intern Ryan T. Hicks, beginning with a voice mail Habermann allegedly left for McDermott on Dec. 10 at 12 a.m.:

Hey I was going to McDermott my name’s Charles uh, Habermann, uh my number is 312-59 uh, 312-59X-XXXX. I was calling Jim McDermott because I saw him on television the other night and I realized what a disgusting, filthy, murderous cock-sucker he was. What a criminal was, the idea that he said that uh, poor people’s uh, money, poor people’s money that the Government gives belongs to him. That, that, that, that reducing taxes on rich people is, is in effect a tax cut in effect, it effected the Government spending program. Jim, Jim McDermott’s uh, theft of tax payer dollars, the less he steals, means that the, that the less the Government spends. Uh, I, I, I’d like to remind you McDermott that if you read the constitution all the money belongs to the people. None of it belongs to Government. Okay! So, if Jim McDermott says they’re spending money on a tax cut, he’s a piece of human dog shit, okay. He’s a piece of human filth. He’s a liar, he’s a communist, he’s a piece of fucking garbage. Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, or George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, if any of them had ever met uh, uh Jim McDermott, they would all blow his brains out. They’d shoot him, in the head. They’d kill him, because he’s a piece of, of, of disgusting garbage. He’s a piece of filth. He’s a criminal. He advocates stealing people’s money to give it to losers. That’s a criminal conspiracy to commit fraud, okay., That is what the majority of the democratic party engage in every day of every week of every fucking year because they’re scum bags. They are disgusting filthy fucking scum bags. And you let that fucking scum bag know, that if he ever fucks around with my money, ever the fuck again, I’ll fucking kill him, okay. I’ll round them up, I’ll kill them, I’ll kill his friends, I’ll kill his family, I will kill everybody he fucking knows. Alright! So if you want to fuck with me, you go ahead but you let that fucker know, the next time he fucks around, I’ll kill him, okay! Good night and good bye, you fucker.

Then, ten minutes later, at 12:10 a.m. on Dec. 10, according to the complaint:

My name is Charles Char Habermann, my phone number is 312-59X-XXXX. I’m calling because your congressman is a piece of human garbage. Um, I’m calling because your congressman is, is a communist. I’m calling because your congressman is a piece of filth. Um, does he understand when he says that they’re giving money to tax breaks for rich? Does he understand that, that the wealthy people that, that’s their money? They earn that money. Has he ever read “Federalist Paper Number Ten”? Has he ever read John Lock’s “Second Treaties of Government”? Has he ever read the of property section of John Lock’s “Second Treaties of Government?” No, probably not because he’s not an intellectual, he doesn’t understand the rules and the political theory that set up the basis for our Government. That’s why he thinks he can steal money from people and give it away to losers and get away with it. Well guess what, you’re crooked, criminal, cock-sucking Jim McDermott will never get away with it. And I’ll tell you something right now, I’ll fucking hunt that guy down and I’ll fucking get rid of him. Do you understand that? I’ll get the fuck rid of him. I’ll pay people, I’ll pay my friends, I, I grew up in Chicago just like your scum bag fucking Jim McDermott did. I grew up in downtown Chicago, you understand that? Does, does your fucking boy understand that? I grew up in Chicago just like him. But guess what, I’m not a criminal like he is, I’m not a thief like he is. I don’t steal other people’s money to give it to losers like he does. Your congressman, Jim McDermott is a piece of garbage. And I’ll tell you something right now, garbage belongs in the trash that’s exactly where he’s gonna end up. You understand that? You understand it you fuckers? You worthless stupid Democrat cock-sucking fuckers. You think you can steal my money and get away with it? You think you’re gonna steal my fucking money and get away with it, you fuckers. You people are criminal scum bags and I ha, I hate you. I hate Jim McDermott. I have your friends, I hate his family, I hate his kids, I hate every, everybody fuck…do you know, I could round them all up, you know, I could look for them. I got a lot of money, you understand? I got a lot of money and I got a lot of friends and that cock-sucker is going down, you understand it? Your cock-sucking loser is going down, and guess what, tell your fagot fucking friend, I’m from Chicago too, and I fucking take care of his ass. Good bye, mother fucker!