Code words are still there. You just need to know what they are.
Synchronicity, Lindy...I'm listening to the WTF where Marc Maron talks with Stewart Lee at this very moment.

How about you and me find a way to bring Stewart here to Seattle? I bet, between us, we could make some calls...get that to happen.
"If political correctness has achieved one thing it's to make the conservative party cloak its inherent racism behind more creative language."

That makes the Police Guild's Guardian something of a holdout.
Never heard of this guy before, thanks Lindy.
OuterCow...Stewart has one CD available ("41st Best Stand-Up Ever") that you can purchase. He has a number of Region 2/PAL DVDs as well (which, if you get yourself a region free DVD player, are damn cheap from

Absolutely brilliant. And I'm serious about trying to bring him over here this year.
Excellent. More Stewart Lee please.
Stewart Lee and his ex comedy partner Richard Herring are two of the finest comedians we have over here (that I've seen). You can get their DVDs relatively cheaply through their independent distributer - google Go Faster Stripe. They both have two or three DVDs out - including the one this show is taken from.

If you're anxious for more, search out Lee's bit on national identity/Braveheart that he performs in Scotland.
Stewart Lee is solid gold. Richard Herring is more of an acquired taste, but I bet Lindy West would go for him in a big way (if she hasn't already).
Yuk, I just read the original Richard Littlejohn column that inspired this. It's even more disgusting than I expected.…
Actually I couldn't find the one about 'women who worked as prostitutes' on the Daily Mail site, so presumably they took it down due to complaints. And yet they kept this one.....!

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