Last week, we posted several excerpts of The Guardian, the Seattle Police Department union's print-only newspaper by and for cops, which ventilates some incendiary commentary about local policing and politics. Several people have distanced themselves from these cops, including the mayor (who says there isn't "room in this city" for cops with these views).

Here's a quote one of them, by Officer Steve Pomper of the East Precinct, reflecting on how colleagues responded to his columns and then decrying race and social justice programs in a piece titled "City Sponsored Racial Profiling?"

Officers have responded to me enthusiastically, regarding this year’s Guardian columns pertaining to Seattle government’s radical drive to replace equal justice with social justice. The many police officers I’ve heard from have had visceral responses to those in Seattle who want to institute socialistic initiatives and policies in the community they serve and protect.


[One Seattle Police officer] officer pointed out, “Isn’t that racial profiling?” At that moment three things occurred to me: Yes it is, why didn’t I talk to you before I wrote that last article, and lastly, why the hell didn’t I think of it? Seems obvious, but perhaps we’re being so inundated with this extremist, progressive agenda, nationally and locally, sometimes we miss the obvious.

More Pomper after the jump.

Yes, by Jove, it is racial profiling, indeed — and in fact. Don’t you love the irony? After many years of the City and community activist groups unsuccessfully attempting to prove that Seattle police officers are guilty of racially profiling its citizens (and non-citizens), the City offers proof that it’s the one racially profiling, and further, it even wants to pass laws and implement policies to support it. Amazing!

So, now we have to ask ourselves, is it okay to racially profile as long as an individual (I know, individual is a bad word in the social justice vernacular — collectivists please bear with me) benefits, by virtue of his or her inclusion in a specific racial, ethnic, or other “victim” group?

At the request of the police guild, links to full articles from The Guardian have been removed from this post.