This is a little sudden, I realize...

But I'm coming back to your school next week—I spoke at UM less than two years ago—and this time I'm bringing a camera crew with me. We're going to host a "Savage Love Live" Q&A session, just like old times, but then I'm going to spend a couple of days lurking on campus.

We want to hit the ground running so I'm looking to learn as much as I can about UM in advance of my arrival on campus next week—any interesting sex scandals? any sex practices or kinks unique to UM? any uses and abuses of social media that I should know about? can someone explain to me what the hell a "terp" is a supposed to be?—so download whatever dirt you've got in the comments thread or blast me an email here.

And please come to "Savage Love Live" next Thursday night, January 27th, on the UM campus. Q&A's exact time and location TBA.