I must assume some women have been dressing immodestly again.
You begin w/ an assumption that if a God existed, it would be "good" according to your own personal thoughts & beliefs.

Which is a ludicrously arbitrary assumption. Not something I'd base *my* personal philosophy upon.
Dont forget poverty!!
It's one of the great conundrums. Are all the shitholes of the world Muslim because they're shitholes, or are they shitholes because they're Muslim?
@4 I was thinking along those exact lines. But mine was more it's already a shithole so what's an earthquake more or less.
Why the most religious countries seem to be the most affected by environmental catastrophes? Or: don't you think god might hate you?

@6: many if not most or all of the "shitholes" we know today are or were colonies of the west until at least 1800 or the early mid 1900's, so there is that as a consideration.
Oops @4.
Not all the shitholes of the world are muslim though... I mean, Haiti is almost entirely christian and it's not exactly a paradise. I think there are just as many "other religion" shitholes as there are muslim dominated ones.

Maybe not jewish... I mean, Israel's got some tough areas, but it's certainly not a shithole. I can't think of any other shitty jewish-majority places.

Can't think of any shitty atheist-majority places either.
Can't think of any shitty atheist-majority places either.

The Ayn Rand Institute?
Urgutha, you're right, of course. Banana republics seem to be a separate class of shithole, though. But undoubtedly Haiti's the worst of them.

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