The Stranger has obtained the winning proposal to build the deep-bore tunnel under downtown Seattle, submitted by Seattle Tunnel Partners. The Washington State Department of Transportation released the document in response to a public records request.

The south ventilation building (via Appendix D)
  • Seattle Tunnel Partners
  • The south ventilation building (via Appendix D)

I haven't had a chance to dig in, so we can look together. See the full proposal—hundreds of pages in six files—in this 264 MB zip file. It's got info about buildings that will be damaged, soil that settles under downtown, building a boring machine nearly 58 feet in diameter, and so much more. If you see something, say something.

Some background on the winning bid is here.

The South Portal
  • Seattle Tunnel Partners
  • The South Portal

Images and more after the jump.

Tunnel Cross Section
  • Seattle Tunnel Partners
  • Tunnel Cross Section

In section 5.4, STP points out, "The results of STP’s initial screening indicated that potential risk of damage from ground deformation would affect 47 buildings." Here are what appear to be the worst-affected of those 47 buildings:

  • Seattle Tunnel Partners

  • Seattle Tunnel Partners