Cock blocking the flu? Indeed, Charles.
Of course I won't be happy until I have nanobots patrolling my bloodstream, constantly receiving updated virus profiles to watch for like Norton, but for now I'll take it.
Thank god for agribusiness.
And there's definitely no way we can just treat the chickens nicer? We definitely have to factory farm them and then genetically engineer them to withstand the pressures of factory farming? Okay, I guess.
The one thing we've learned about biology - and even infections - is that infectious diseases evolve and change as their primary - and even secondary - paths of infection are blocked.

Chicken and viral lifespans are so short, that they can usually adapt to use the third conserved "emergency" biological path in what to a human appears a very short time.

What @4 said. It's like in Farmville or FrontierVille - you see the worst practices of agribusiness on most people's "plantations" - row upon row of closely packed animals stuffed right up against the humans domiciles and water sources - because it's "profitable".

Change the human/animal conditions and you'll arrive at a different problem ratio.
The next step is the spread of gay

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