"I accidentally found myself dressed in women's clothing and sucking off my neighbour as blackmail. How did this happen to me?"
Forced into giving bj? And this is a problem... how exactly?
Very hot fap material, Dan. And totally fake, of course. What kind of gay man doesn't know the difference between a CD and a 'mo?
He writes;
Of course I refused, but then he threatens to tell my mom my secret if I didn’t comply. I told him I would simply deny the accusation, but then Brett reminded my of the many photos he took of me — on several occasions — in several different outfits. I was totally crushed — I didn’t see anyway around his blackmailing. So, I did the only thing I thought I could — I dropped to my knees and proceeded to suck him off.
I would deny it? As if he wouldn't have thought of the pics before even saying that? And then that last line?!? So I did the only thing I could...Please. 999% fake.
Well, here's you 15 minutes of flame.
If this letter is not fake, this guy needs to get in touch with the police.
Not only is this fake, it's a recap of a (relatively well known) Deirdre story, Deirdre being a rather prolific writer who was active on in the mid 90's. Not her best, but a hell of a lot better than the LW's imitation.

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