I recently caught this video. It resonated with me so intensely. I was in a relationship like this for over five long years trying to help the man I loved through his shame/guilt/anxiety/nervousness/aversion-to-sex/whatever-it-was-as-I-still-don't-fucking-know surrounding sex and intimacy, thinking the whole time that if I only sacrificed my needs for X amount of time things would work out.S I honestly thought I could help him and get through to him and have the intense and loving sexual relationship I wanted. Obviously I was completely wrong. It has been a little over 2 years and am still sorting myself out (therapy is just waiting for my health insurance to kick in), and will do so before I start dating again as I do not want to subject anyone to a less than functional person. I just really want to thank you for your response to this as I honestly felt so alone in this situation, and to have you call it out for the emotional abuse that it was gives me some strength to move forward. Thank you for all the work you do and all the good you bring.

No More Lemons

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