Today, the Seattle City Attorneys Office filed a motion (.pdf) in King County Superior Court to shut down Jiggles, a strip club in the University District that opened a little over a month ago, on the grounds that it's location is too close to places where children play.

The city argues that the strip club, located at 5220 Roosevelt Way NE, violates the city's 800-foot buffer zone between strip clubs and places where children congregate. Jiggles is located across the street from the University Child Development School and within 800 feet of a nearby YMCA, community center, and a public park, in direct violation of the zoning code.

City Attorney Pete Holmes—whose office filed the motion—casts himself as a progressive. Oddly enough, former city attorney Tom Carr (who was decidedly less socially progressive in office) fought back a 2009 lawsuit from the Seattle Mariners, who were trying to block a Déjà Vu strip club from opening up near Safeco Field on the grounds that children frequented the field.

The building that Jiggles now inhabits was formerly used for a restaurant and office space. Holmes's office charges that Jiggles owner Robert D. Davis also failed to get a Master Use Permit to change the property's use before opening up a lounge for women to Jiggle freely, and men to pay to watch them.

More of the back story on Jiggles here. Robert D. Davis could not be reached for comment.