Posted on the BBC's main page: Johannesburg next to Fremont. This is Fremont in a nutshell..

This neighbourhood, less than five miles north of the heart of downtown Seattle, continues its legacy of public art, everyday weirdness, and off-the-wall-events inclined towards nudity and costumes. Yet its popularity, soaring rent prices, new luxury condos, and inundation of high tech company offices have transformed it into something a tad different than its tie-dyed forefathers and mothers anticipated.

This is Jozi in a nutshell...

The best way to avoid trouble in Johannesburg is by using common sense.
Always take local advice from concierges, hotel receptionists and friends on where to go and places or areas to avoid. When walking around town, minimize external trappings of wealth and avoid the city centre or walking between areas at night. If in any doubt about personal safety, take a taxi.
On one side, urban weirdness; on the other, urban adventure. Which should the tourist (the consumer of places) pick?