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Heh heh..."Gap".
oh, this is awesome!
Of course they knew. This is free publicity for them and they're hopeing their product will become the new go to name brand for teh gays.
In for 8 pairs.
Now I need to go to the gap just to steal one of these tags.
oh look danny saying 'pegged' again...
They're not going to be popular with the gays. Pegging is, by definition, an exclusively hetero sex act.
Fall into the Gap! Indeed!
Pegged Boyfriend, GAP, 1969

all on one pants. can't get any better than that.
My Dad's in his 60s and refers to skinny jeans as "pegged pants." Revival of an old term, but of course it has new connotations.
"Slot" tipper? I guess if she's into pegging...
@3 & @7- Dang, Dan beat me to it. So excited I had something to contribute.

@6 - Not sure, but I think you are being sarcastic. Amirite?
Dan @7, good point, I didn't think about that.
Perhaps the jeans feature a button-up flap?
Someone in marketing's getting fired over this.

Knowing what I know about the Gap, these are women's jeans. Brands only name articles of clothing "boyfriend" when they are for women.

Hmm...I think I have a HUMP video idea percolating here...
Not to beat a dead horse, but despicable me, I think you really were onto something. The marketing gays at Gap knew full well that "pegging" was a term coined in a gay's column after voting by readers among whom number all us gays.

No matter the sexual preference of who gets pegged, I'm willing to bet way more gays know its meaning than straights.
I'm with Gloomy Gus. Of course, they knew what they were doing. Otherwise they would have called them pegged-legged boyfriend jeans, right?

Yeah gus, I think they knew and I think they HOPED their item would be the new hip go to item that everybody just had to have. OMG, look at mmmeeeeee!
So, despicable me and gus, is this a harbinger of a new art T-shirt: "I got pegged at the Gap. And for $49, you can get pegged, too." ??
Yet, Callie @17, you're probably right too. So in summary: it'll be popular with girls who seek advice on jeans-buying from gays, as in, every male Gap sales clerk.... (I love that of all the issues on Slog today, this is the one I've struggled with the most!)
They're women's jeans. Check the size in the photo: 24/00.
What was wrong with the old pegged boyfriend?
...maybe she's buying them because she has a new pegged boyfriend.
Ha ha Canuck, or maybe "I got pegged in my Gap."

Canuck, but I'm scared at the thought of wearing such a shirt - as Dan points out, everyone would think I'm straight!
Love your new avatar, dm! (I always write "avatart" and have to change it--for some of us, that might be apt, though...)
Excellent shirt for the straight boys, despicable me, I have a feeling my oldest would love one...

gus, you having to wear a shirt like that would be like me having to put a Sarah Palin bumpersticker on my car: Not happening. Besides, next thing you know, those cute Gap boys would be bringing you pleated khakis and oversized pink button-down oxford shirts...shudder.

(I will have you know, however, that on another blog, I was recently made an "honorary gay", so nya! I am *too* one of the cool kids...)
@25- Good question.
Congrats Canuck! I think this is probably one of the few times when saying "you're so gay" is a good thing!

I just had to change my avatar. I waited for someone else to change theirs to this but no one did.
Thank you, despicable me, I was SO pleased...

My Google avatar is Dorothy's red glitter shoes (…) and it was a BIG decision, but I finally went with the wicked witch infomercial for Slog...the red shoes are very special, though. I would like a pair, myself.
Nobody's getting fired in Marketing. I know a GAP exec, he's gay, and I guarantee you the double-entendre here was not lost on anyone at the company. Just some sneaky fun for people to laugh at.
Is there a velcro seam at the buttocks?
Canuck, there are a LOT of replica shoes out there calling themselves "Dorothy's red glitter shoes" but they are always made of sequins and are cheap looking. If you ever find a pair close enough to the real thing, I'll bet it's going to cost you a bundle but they'll be so worth it.

Oh and Congratulations Dan and Terry. Not sure if anyone knows, but this is what they are up to this weekend.…

Alas, I could not make plans to attend. I have a 350 mile round trip drive to make for my niece's gymnastic competition.
I usually buy off-brand jeans, but in this case... I might need to make an exception.
I hear Katie Holmes was seen out and about rather a lot while in NYC wearing some pegged boyfriend jeans back in 2008...
@7 hey Dan, can't lesbians peg? Or is called something else in that situation?
@35 never been to the Smithsonian have you?

You might find nicer, better made shoes out there, but the originals are made with plastic sequins. At the museum, you can even see video of them being cleaned by by specialists going in between each sequin with a cotton swab.
The term "pegged boyfriend jean" has actually been around for a few years - Gap is just bringing it to the masses. (It's still funny as hell, imho, especially when you consider Katie Holmes is one of the celebs most associated with the style.)………

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