I went to a Gallagher show last summer. I learned many things I did not want to learn about Gallagher. I wrote an article about it:

"Hey, President Obama," he spits out the name like a mouthful of burning hair. "You ain't black. I don't care what you say—you're a latte. You're half whole-milk. It could be goat milk—you could be a terrorist!" I am too busy losing my mind to catch the next joke, which is about Ted Kennedy's brain cancer. Aaaaand we're off.

The dude is not doing great. In the brains. So it didn't really surprise me to hear about the little cluster of Gallagher-related mishaps going on down in Portland this week.

I'm sure you all followed GallagherStormOffGate on Marc Maron's Twitter feed yesterday, but in case any of you missed it, I will catch you up. Maron was supposed to interview Gallagher for his WTF podcast. Gallagher arrived at Maron's hotel room for the interview. Then this happened:

Read it from the bottom up, grandpa.
  • Read it from the bottom up, grandpa.

ALSO yesterday, Gallagher had agreed to perform a free show at Sway Bar in Portland. Then, according to the Willamette Week, this happened:

Gallagher refused to perform. He was, according to his manager, too stoned, and it had made him too paranoid to go on stage or to weather the usual Sway Bar crowd of strippers and stripper aficionados, and so skipped his scheduled set to instead talk to strangers on the sidewalk for more than an hour and a half...Gallagher wouldn’t perform. He ordered hamburgers from neighboring Star Bar and ate them outside. He insulted fans and chatted up strangers. He lived, perfectly, up to the expectations of anyone who’s read an interview of his in the past five years who expected a witty, bitter, slightly spent old man who has had to suffer the indignity of suing his own brother just to maintain his own good name.

Is Gallagher's brain finally broken? Probably not. Probably he just had a bad day decade. Maron says he'll be posting the 30 minutes of tape he recorded before Gallagher stormed off. I cannot wait to listen to it. Fuck, Gallagher is depressing.