You're expecting logic and thought where there is only emotion and an attempt to live off of Seattle taxpayers.
At least The Seattle Times is for some kind of welfare. Granted its to freeloaders who want Seattle to build them roads and shit, and they are fine with kids and poor people dying from a lack of health care, but hey, its a start right?
@2: Don't forget the sales tax exemption for newspapers!
To say we're all in this together disregards the fact that the rich pay nothing to live here.
Stop reading the Seattle Times. Just stop. They have nothing to offer you. If you have an awesome neighborhood blog like the West Seattle Blog, go there for some super-local news. With what Times writers make you wade through, from Ryan Blethen, to Joni Balter to Geoff "check out this video of ME" Baker the nuggets of interesting local content just aren't worth it.

I hope Larry Stone and the handful of quality writers there find another gig when the Times inevitably goes under, but we need to stop supporting this dinosaur in Seattle. Let it become the Mercer Island Times like it always should have been. Then they can rail on about the rising cost of BMW polish and the project to add a new HOV lane on I-90 while the rest of us pay attention to shit that matters.
Since when has the Times' editorial board been able to crush things? Ever feel like a windmill tilting at a windmill?
God, I hate that rag. I miss the PI.
@7 as do we all, Geni.
Great commentary.
Fall City? Fall City is all over this one.
The complete lack of presenting an argument based on facts is the disappointing part. This is about the level of discourse they achieved with their badmouthing Carlyle.

The empty headed declarations being passed off as "Editorial" is shameful.
I wish there was an easier way of finding Goldy's stuff in all the other Slogs here.
Cynickal @12,

A little ingenuity will at least get you my headlines.
Eastern Washington breathes FOX News and thrives on magical thinking. All the while ignoring their irrigated desert land, farm subsidies, and cheap electricity is all courtesy of the government. Eastern Washington is the very definition of a welfare state and yet they all want to pretend that they are rugged individualists who pulled themselves up by their own bootstraps.

Of course they will respond that it is the state's fault because of land use regulations, business taxes, environmental regulations, yammer yammer nonsense.
This is always the conservative game. Whenever liberals point out facts that happen to show they are blathering idiots, biggots, or just plain assholes, their response is to feign outrage, OUTRAGE(!) that anyone would call some element of their objective fact devoid belief system into question. Then liberals, being folks that actually try to take other peoples' ideas and feelings into account, get all bashful and feel a twinge of pity and shame for hurting the loud mouth morons' feelings, and back off. At which point conservatives amp up the stupid talk, and win because our side wants to be nice and not call them stupid fucking assholes when that's what they are being.

Fuck that. Conservatives are quite frequently stupid fucking assholes. Since their side is all about tough love and playin' the tough guy action hero, they should be able to take, and indeed appreciate, having their noses rubbed in their piles of shit. If they aren't well, then they are tough talking pussies, and they should be mocked for that, just as they are want to pass judgement on how big a pussy liberals, the French, or anyone else they don't like supposedly are.

Further if there is anything my 37 years on this planet have taught me, it's that the reason Republicans rail against social programs is mostly about projection. They are self-centered people who tend to look at the world as a place where you stomp all over others to get ahead. It's hard for their little greed wracked 12 steppers minds to be able to conceive of people needing to take assistance for reasons beyond their control without getting addicted to it, or justifiably needing to persist in taking it. Republicans are actually precisely the weak minded, weak willed, shamelessly self-centered people of their welfare queen nightmares. No one else should get it, because if conservatives did they know they couldn't handle it. Just like beer, sex, sex's cousin abortion rights, and many other Republican taboos. They want/need us all to be 12 steppers with them, because they suck. And god forbid they have to admit it for once.
gus @6,

Don't confuse ability with intent.
You people are no better than the idiots who will only watch Fox News. "They don't agree with us, so stop reading them!" WAAAAA!"

The editorials are one small part of a major newspaper that does a damn good job of covering the news and major issues around here. Most of the commentary on Slog and elsewhere, including Goldy, stems from original reporting done in those pages.

Yes, the do a good job of coverage, if by that you mean a braindead conservative slant on local issues. They also do awesome original reporting, if by original reporting you mean brain dead conservative slant of issues covered in much more detail by The Stranger, or neighborhood blogs weeks earlier.

But yah, because you are a lazy news consumer, I am just like them. Oh wait, as a liberal I was just supposed to roll over, right?
Thanks, @16. I haven't been reading you very long, but it sounds like that's going to be good advice for me as you publish more on Slog.
Ohhh touché 20. Can I try?

Enumclaw, where they like their talk hard, their horse penis harder, and their state and federal subsidies quiet.
Well, if you were watching local TV instead of reading the newspaper, you'd know all about the latest spectacular car crashes and the number of kittens burned to a crisp in the latest apartment fire.

Budget cuts? How does that affect me?
I do like their snide tone of mockery delivered at two lawmakers who actually care about (a) where our state government's money originates, and (b) where it goes. Their solution -- exactly the type of bipartisan "tough love" that corporate centrists always claim to love (in theory, anyway) gets a wave-off worthy of a bored teenager. If a county is such a sinkhole of our tax money, why should our state continue to subsidize it? The editorialist(s)' snotty lack of concern about the fate of Seattle's tax dollars really makes Goldy's point about "The Bothell Times".
Times ed board = classic suburban sweep-it-under-the-rug passive/aggressive mindset.

They love Seattle - they hate Seattle. They love the rugged Eastern Washington individualist myth - and get scared anytime some liberal tries to expose the Red half of WA for what it is: a bunch of self-deluded guv'mint trough suckers...who hate government.

And they slept through the massive WAMU meltdown, focusing instead on the light rail boogeyman - or the "corrupt" influence of progressive "special interests". Hmmm... I wonder why the Times gave Kerry Killinger and his toxic mortgage stew a free pass. Think money may have had $omething to do with it???
Hey Goldy. Atrios links to you.…

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