McKenna: Not worried.
  • McKenna: Not worried.
Washington Attorney General Rob McKenna keeps claiming that he's not trying to take down the entire Obama health care reform project with his lawsuit against it—just that "unconstitutional" mandate part.

And I keep arguing that the major pieces of the Obama health care reform law are so interconnected and complicated that if you're a smart person (as McKenna is), and you start targeting the mandate (as McKenna has), then you have to know (as McKenna must) that a court victory might very well mean bringing down the entire reform effort—the mandate, the extended coverage for young people, the ban on discrimination against pre-existing conditions, all of it.

And, oh, hey, look what just happened: The lawsuit that McKenna is a part of got in front a federal judge who just struck down the entire Obama health care reform law. (With a stay pending appeal.)

How does McKenna feel about this outcome?

“He likes the ruling from the perspective of believing that the individual mandate exceeds congress’s authority under the Constitution," Dan Sytman, a spokesman for McKenna, told me this morning. "But he has been consistent from the beginning that he does not believe the entire law should be struck down, that there are some portions of it that he supports.”

Right, but the point is that in gunning for the mandate, McKenna risks killing the whole law. So how does he feel about that?

“We don’t believe that’s going to be the outcome," Sytman said.