Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck and former Seahawks quarterback Jon Kitna are tag-teaming in a crusade against pornography during this year's Superbowl. They'll be featured in a video on Porn Sunday simulcast in several churches about "the elephant in the pew" and getting help for people "struggling with porn and sex addiction." From the website:

This is the chance to bring hope to those who are struggling with pornography. For some it is ludicrous to link three X's with church and for others it is long overdue. The one undeniable truth that can't be ignored is the blatant push for all things sexual in our society. Porn Sunday seeks to drive the conversation about pornography into our churches, families and lives. This weekend service brings healing to those sitting in churches who are caught up in pornography.

Porn is awesome. Sure I get it, some people are addicted to watching it. Some people are exploited to make it. Those things shouldn't happen. But the Superbowl and football players are among the more backwards associations and less credible anti-porn spokesmen to say people need to walk the holy line and forgo gluttony. Also, I'll repeat: porn is awesome.

Via, which has a lonely Seahawks blog.