All in all, about a month elapsed between the beginning of the anti-government protests in Tunisia and the departure of President Ben Ali on a plane bound for Saudi Arabia.

The anti-government protests in Egypt are now just one week old and already President Mubarak is calling for an eight-month-long transition to open elections in which he won't participate. He seems to think he'll slowly step down, gradually fade from public view, but remain a political player and "die on the soil of Egypt." This anecdote, from the day President Ben Ali left Tunisia, suggests otherwise:

In Egypt, where President Hosni Mubarak has brooked little dissent during his three-decade rule, about 50 people in Cairo danced and sang, "Ben Ali, tell Mubarak his plane is waiting, too."

The Egyptian revolution is still young. The protesters, during Mubarak's speech, were reportedly chanting: "Leave! Leave!"