She's reluctant to date bisexual men, anyway. From the comment thread on this post:

I'm a bisexual female, but I would be somewhat reluctant to date a bisexual male unless he a) was late twenties or older, b) had been "out" about his bisexuality for at least five years with no marked changes in his gender preference, c) had a consistent preference for women over men or liked both equally (an actual kinsey 3), and d) had been open about his bisexuality from the beginning. You yourself have said that before coming out as gay [she's referring to me here], you briefly called yourself "bisexual," which seems to be a very common thing for gay men to do. Identifying as bisexual is often a stepping stone to identifying as homosexual, and I am disinclined to date someone if I think he might be using me to maintain his cover.

So I would date a bi guy, but only if he was comfortable with and well-established in his sexuality—because legitimately bisexual guys are few and far between.

When I point out that many, many gays and lesbians briefly identified as bi when we were coming out (myself included), and that this fact can inspire doubt when we meet LGBTQLMNOP youngsters who identify as bi, and that both personal experience and science—science!—conspire to support the hypothesis that legitimately bisexual guys are few and far between*, I get accused of being a genocidal biphobic monster asshole bigot asshole monster.

Just curious what happens when a bisexual says pretty much the same stuff.

* For the record: I do not doubt the existence of bisexual men. Indeed, we had a fully grown, completely comfortable, and well-established-in-his-sexuality male bisexual friend over for drinks & teevee last night. And to anyone who thinks our bisexual friend must be a closeted gay man, well, when we invited him over to watch Drag Race, he said, "What's that?" He's so totally not a fag.