I am so steamed! All I can say is, fuckers!
"Rude letter to follow."

Nothing on the openly gay guy running for GOP nominee for President, huh?

It's very sad how much time the R's waste on stuff that they themselves use more than anyone else.
LOL, one of those volunteers in the pic knocked on my door last night, second from the right. I signed the petition, natch, had a nice chat.
Forcing planned parenthood to show pictures of aborted fetuses?

Don't the vast, vast majority of women get abortions at a stage where the fetus is about the size of a tic-tac?
Hey @3.
I got knocked up by a NARAL volunteer(?) last week too. She was engaged, articulate, and energized. She let me rant about the fiasco of national NARAL supporting Lieberman against Lamont in Connecticut and I made a donation. Maybe there is some hope, at least to go down fighting.

Either she was the same one or their group was prepared for this. When I brought up the Lieberman thing, she assured me that she represented the state group, which has a much different leadership/agenda than the national one. She didn't say anything bad about the national group, but she seemed all too eager to point out the difference.
I was at the hearing and about the Connecticut over-rulling, it was stated today at the hearing that there is cause to believe that for what Pro-Choice advocates want, it is constitutional!!!!! I believe we have a your Legislatures now and tell them to support SB5278
Passing this bill is critical to making sure women get honest and unbiased information about health care. Is that too much to ask?

I was at the hearing today too and I could not believe Senator Pflug brought up the abortion and breast cancer debate. That has been discredited so many times. And the said thing is, I think she is/was a nurse.
@Carab - Yes Sen Pflug is a nurse. I can't believe it either. I was there in the Seante Gallery listening (because I couldn't get into the hearing). I'm thinking of sending her a copy of the report that discredited the abortion/breast cancer link. New reports show that actually NOT having a kid lowers your risk of having breast cancer - when you're pregnant the higher levels of estorgen in your body raises your risk of getting breast cancer. SO ACTUALLY. Having an abortion lowers your risk of getting breast cancer because you won't have the levels of estrogen in your body.

WEIRD RIGHT? And Sen. Pflug is a moron.

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