Credit where credit is due:

A Christian coalition of clergymen and women announced Thursday that it's time Maryland passed a law recognizing same-sex marriages. The announcement comes as more powerful forces within those faiths pledge to lobby hard to keep marriage between a man and a woman.... Baptist leaders joined with Catholic leaders in Annapolis on Thursday in support of the bill before the General Assembly that allows same-sex partners to legally marry in Maryland and receive the same rights as heterosexual couples.

"The Christian church's appreciation of the infallibility of religious freedom, its sexual theology and even the meaning of marriage have all changed over time," said Sister Jeannine Gramick, a Maryland representative of the National Coalition of Nuns. Conservative state Sen. Allan Kittleman's stance on the issue has also changed. The devout Christian from Howard County announced Wednesday that he'll vote in favor of the bill.

"I really believe, as a legislator, I don't vote on the basis of my faith. I have to vote on what I think is right for the citizens of Maryland," he said.

How long until Rome retaliates against Sister Gramick?