This made my morning.

As someone who considers NOM the enemy, I am pleased not just by the occurrence itself but by how it exposes that being an idiot in your morality sometimes corresponds with being an idiot with your technology. That their organization's blog person would hotlink an image in such an ignorant way brings me joy on so many levels.
@1 It also reveals just how lightweight their hosting package is. Not that you couldn't host images elsewhere, but even that wouldn't help them if their site belly-ups when a couple extra users hit it at once.

Looks like you could DOS that site with a tin can and a string.

They're not just idiots. They're cheap idiots.
Honestly, you guys are surprised NOM's web skills are Bronze Age? Personally, I'm impressed they've figured out how to use their opposable thumbs...

(I hotlinked an image from a site that I like to illustrate one of my comments a few days ago, and when it came up, there was a little message with it, "this image is from slapupsidethehead, stop on by!" pretty funny...)
Being a long time reader of both you and SMBC I had always thought that this comic of his would be the one to find resonance…
Guess I didn't slogtip fast enough! Someday, someday! :-) I squee'd like a fangirl yesterday when I spotted this item :)

And yeah,Canuck there's lots of ways of dealing with hotlinking. Some encourage it, such as sharing from flickr, others will substitute a nasty message (while retaining the proper image at their site) and others will do the sort of hilarity these guys did.

Man, was that *fun* to see. And that they crushed NOM's servers just to look at it (and that NOM is NOM, which, NOM NOM NOM) -- OMG so many levels of win for a geek.... *squee*
And here I thought SMBC was just good, funny comics. I'll never miss a day again.
Pure rainbowlicious awesomeness.
This just in: NOM has now just outright lifted the image from SMBC and is hosting it on their own servers. Apparently, they don't understand the whole concept of copyright.
Per #8, here's the link:
I would have preferred the rainbow flag, the Thomas Jefferson quote, AND a dirty picture.

Two guys having hot anal sex on a giant rainbow flag, one of them screaming the Thomas Jefferson quote as they come all over each other. The one not screaming has a ball gag in his mouth.

Something like that?
This was excellent.
Hahahahahahaha! Awesome.
I've been an SMBC reader for a long, long time. This just makes it soooo much awesomer. Well done.
Someone else took similar action on another NOM article by replacing an image of political candidate Fred Karger with the rainbow flag and this addition: " PS: Thou Shalt Not Steal Other People's Bandwidth".
@11: Works for me.
Then again, what was accomplished here? Lots of liberals patting each other on the back, and lots of people who never heard of NOM, flocking to NOM and listening to their message.

You guys just gave them the publicity they weren't even ready to bear with.

Now you may resume patting each other on the back.
@18: on the other hand, lots of tech savvy SMBC fans now aware of NOM and ready to take them on whenever they raise their ugly heads.
I agree with 19, I just posted comments on their site about how yummy gay sex is. Sure, they won't get approval but at the same time, someone has to look at it to determine whether it's appropriate or not. Waste their time and disgust them a little. That's well worth my time. :)

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