this is war. fuck the jews. they threaten violence?
How do you know the letter writers were jews? Maybe they were lying.
@2) Fair enough. They could have been lying about being Jewish.
"WE JEWS ARE NOT THE SAME AS THE JEWS OF EUROPE DURING THE SECOND WORLD WAR!!" one person wrote to King County Metro, which operates the buses. "WE GET PISSED OFF, WE TAKE ACTION!!! TAKE THE ADS DOWN!!!!!"

Way to piss on your ancestors, you shitbag. Many of them rose up and armed themselves to try to fend off genocide.
This about sums it up.
@2 - Why, because that can be the only possible explanation - an anti-semetic conspiracy? Accept it - every religion has assholes.
Israel and the Jewish faith are VERY different things. But Israel does commit horrible war crimes so I guess the truth hurts. :(
If those aren't terrorist threats, then what are?
wow, so the west coast city with one of the smallest jewish populations around is going to suddenly explode with fantasy Israeli sectarian violence?

These ads will make riding a Metro bus dangerous.

Right now they are completely safe, weapons and harassment free sanctuaries.…
Remember when all ya had to worry about was the driver getting hit by some kid with a skateboard?
It's a bad idea to let the craziest among us decide what the acceptable tone of speech in our society will be.
In other words, Constantine gave in to terrorism.
I would love to hear from a more progressive Jewish organization such as J Street. I dislike that a faction that represents a minority in Isreal somehow dominate all discourse on the I-P conflict here in the US.

I fail to see how accusing Israel of war crimes is 'hate speech' against Seattle's Jews. Accusing the US of war crimes is not hate speech against all Americans. In fact, it's not even, necessarily, hate speech against the people you're accusing. It's certainly strong language, and it certainly is loaded... but "hate speech" means something really specific and I don't think the bus-board cited in this article rises to that level.
Oh, those peace-loving Israelis. They're *so* persecuted. When will people leave them alone?
Who were those people who wrote those letters? They were the same kind of people who write awful comments on the Seattle Times website, and who used to write comments on Goldy's blog, and who write comments on the Slog and Publicola. Some of them are Jews, some are Christians, some are atheists. But they're all idiots who are attracted by the scent of blood, as were all of you.
So, bottom line for those keeping score at home: violent threats actually work!
I don't see how an advertisement forces anyone to commit violence.

Maybe drop the whopping $2000 to run a rebuttal ad instead?
I disagree with those ads because they're hyperbolic, rabble-rousing, no-shades-of-gray-allowed spin. Israel has a horrible record in dealing with its neighbors, and using cluster bombs in populated parts of Lebanon certainly qualifies as a war crime, but this kind of propaganda is exactly the wrong way to rebuke them. Hysterics don't help much.
Though only a half-blood Jew, I can't help but feel insulted every time someone (anti-semitic or not) makes the equivalency Jew=Israel. This means Israel crimes = Jew crimes and it also means views critical of Israel = anti-semitism. Fuck that. Less than half of the worlds Jews live in Israel. An almost equal number of Jews live in the US as in Israel, and yet every anti-semite points to Israeli war crimes as proof of how evil Jews are and every rabid zionist paints anyone humbly suggesting that it's not nice to drop bombs on Palestinian schools as an anti-semite.

Fuck that. You can oppose Israeli policies without being an anti-semite and every fucking jew on the planet cannot be held responsible for every shitty thing Israel does.
These threats were, of course, forwarded on to the proper authorities for investigation and possible prosecution, right?

Well at least we know they only give in to the right sorts of terrorists.
22, no one thinks jews=israel. Its just easy for the zionists or the adl or whoever to accuse people of antisemitism whenever they are critical of israel. They point to people critical of israel as proof that antisemitism exists, when really there are hardly any people in the world who are actually antisemitic. (Saying jews are miserly or whatever is not antisemitism, its's stereotyping, something almost all people do to some extent (not just regarding jews))
@22 I totally agree, but you know who insists on making the Israeli=Jew connection is 2nd and 3rd generation american jews. I swear I wish they would let it go. The Jews I know are 90% brooklyn and 10% Russian. Why put your human decency on the line for Israel whose issues are so grave and have so little to do with who you are? Revel in historical Israel but this current thing...please distance yourself Jews. You're worse than the doofis who tells everyone he is directly related to King Arthur or a descendent of George Washington. Really? Who cares? What have you done lately?
I bring my flip camcorder with me everywhere I go. Id be happy to get off the bus and record Israeli retards trying to block the bus from moving.

Oh and why arnt these emails from Israeli supporters threatening violence, being turned over to the FBI?

yes, you can do that, because that's what free speech entails
@21, so in your view, Israel has committed war crimes, but saying so out loud (or in this case, in text) qualifies as "hysterics"?
@21 It's not hyperbole to call a spade a spade, Venomlash. & what, we're supposed to solely use our inside voices when pointing out atrocities committed with our help that our fellow citizens continue to turn a blind eye to? Fuck that. Sometimes the strident approach helps, sometimes the polite. We need both, and we need to keep raising the topic anyway we can until itโ€™s actually addressed.
Maybe if Metro was adequately funded, it wouldn't have to rent its customers' time out to economic interests in order to make ends meet...

You're exactly right it's terrorism. And that terrorism cost Metro a lot of money in lost advertising which the citizens of Seattle now get to pay for via increased fares.

How hard is it to understand that caving in to threats of violence just teaches people that violence is the answer to all of their problems? We need to take a stand against these pro-israel terrorists, and stop funneling money to them for use in their mass murder campaigns.
Jewish terrorism is terrorism.
All I know is I would be seriously pissed off if my last moments on Earth were spent on a fucking Metro bus before it exploded.
I don't care if you equate or don't equate Israel with Jews. I just don't like it when you start using Jewish stereotypes to further your understanding of why Israel seems so bad.

So, in other words, Jew \= Israel in some cases, but in other cases it does.
Unanswered questions:

1. Did the County turn all of this over to law enforcement and the Fed to get all the people that issued threats arrested? This is threats of freaking domestic terror!

2. If no on number one, why on Earth not??

3. Why did the County sit on this information that they were under threats of domestic terror?

4. Who made the call to not report this to the law enforcement if that didn't happen, and who made the call to not disclose the threats? Whomever it is needs to be named. If it's an elected, they need to be gotten rid of, even if it's Dow.

Uh, no.

The source of the Jew=Israel is Israel itself. This began in the post-WWII era before Israel was even formed. Anyone who opposed Israel or it's policies was equivalent to the Nazis. It worked then & it continues to work today. The meme has so much momentum that it is embraced w/o any critical thinking, as an established fact.
@13 ftw!
Metro...we'll get you a flaming rolling inferno of suicide bombyness!!

Isn't threatening violence a hate crime?

I'm shaking my electronic fist in anger at their behavior ...

This is America's blindness to the situation in the Middle East in action: America only sees Muslim terrorism. Even when it's non-existent. Anyone can act as they please in defense of Israel. Imprison people indefinitely, torture, bomb people's homes, pogroms, pillage, and here in Seattle, threaten murder over some signs.
@44 -- Good luck trolling for a fight on this one, Nobodaddy. Seems like SLOG is pretty sensible today.

Maybe you and Will can be bestest friends now.
La, la, la..
"Still they're cousins, identical cousins and you'll find
they laugh alike, they walk alike, at times they even talk alike.
You can lose your mind ... when cousins are two of a kind!"
@45 sure, just buy me a pitcher of cider.
Since someone above mentioned JStreet, here's their address.…

Quite a few Seattle Jews are members. We actually have as wide a spectrum of opinions about Israeli government policy as all Americans do about our country's policy. That's because we're individuals, not "Jews".
I've seen your "information" about a dozen times. I think that means that you aren't being censored, just ignored.
If threatening violence will get you what you want from area politicians I am going to get medieval on someone if the potholes on 14th Ave S aren't filled soon.
How long is this going to take?
Nothing more annoying than self-righteous Americans talking about how evil Israel's actions are.

Don't get me wrong, they are. But America's are equally, if not more, so. How many hundreds of thousands of innocent people did we go halfway around the world to kill in Iraq? How many murderous dictators have we propped up in South America?

As Americans we should start looking at our own government and military first.

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