This is, like, the most vanilla sex scandal yet. It's not even a sex scandal, it's a sext scandal.
He quite possibly is happily married. Whether his wife now feels the same way is what I want to know, and if she is, then great for both of them. Especially since that would still undermine this Republican's "moral superiority" in matters of monogamy and sexuality.
I wonder if he hunts vampires.

/He's kind of hot.
I think he wants to live in Red County Clallam and run with the werewolves.
Just saw on JMG that he resigned. If only it were so easy to get other folks to resign (see Mubarak). I mean Mark Stanford didn't even resign. What kind of precedent is this guy setting for future cheating law-makers.
Also funny - if you google 'resigned' right now his picture comes up.
Wow, that was fast! I would guess his wife basically told him to get the hell out of the public eye right! NOW! so they can actually have a little familial privacy around this. I could be completely wrong.

What's the male-equivalent of Butterface?
Oddly, still butterface. Though it doesn't make sense.
Apparently he resigned shortly after this sexting scandal. Just like Brett Favre!
Methinks Craigslist needs a Lift Your Luggage category, reserved for politicians, fundamentalist clergy, DADT opponents, DOMA advocates, and other hypocrites who like to be naughty on the side.
What's more surprising about this story is how doable he looks in his shirtless picture. He's a total POSRBILF: Piece of Shit Republican Bigot I'd Like to Fuck. ;)
butterface.... butismug?

I got nothin'. But I'd hit that.
le sigh ... it never ends, the supply of these douche nozzles, does it?
Senator Ensign
Senator Vitter

Still going strong.
Thank you, JEEBUS!
@12: *Like!*

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