Maybe they just don't care, since Council won't require the Guild to allow the OPA to have any real civilian oversight?

I'm guessing that might be it. The Mayor administrates, the Council actually is who signs off on this.
From the PI:

"I think there's a lot to this case not being explored and hopefully will be," Seattle Police Officers' Guild President Rich O'Neill said.

He said the off-duty officer is African--American and questioned if, given the location, race might have been a factor in the men charged with assault confront Haynes when he was near the woman suspect of theft."

Nice reach, SPD.…
SPOG got their preferred candidate - a former member, and someone who appears to agree with their "protect police, to hell with everyone else" mantra - as Chief.

Mayor McGinn should re-convene the search committee, and look for a replacement for Diaz. Someone who will make heads roll, and stand firm in the belief that Police are not only not above the law, but should be held to a higher standard, both on and off duty, than the rest of us.
@2 O'neill needs to be told off. He's not helping matters, as usual. Rich, how about we hold off-duty cops to matching everything as us poor civilians? If I kicked someone in the head like that, would I get "administratively reassigned", or would I be cuffed for mugshots? Why is your guy more Special than the rest of us, you buffoon?

Keep it up--we'll reign you in by initiative soon if we have to if you won't police yourselves.
Black cop toe taps white suspects. Oh man, poor Seattle liberals will have a hell of time assigning blame here; I mean it only happens the other way around according to the hysterics.
It's funny how the KOMO story paints a different picture than the SLOG does of the lead up to the kicking. In SLOG you get the impression that a cop had his jacket stolen and then got attacked by some crazy jacket thieves and their gang. In the KOMO story it's that a drunk off duty cop freaked out when someone mistakenly picked up his coat with theirs, and then some good samaritans got into it with him thinking he was a drunk attacking a woman.
@5 Um no, you racist piece of trash- us " liberals" never took race into account in the first place, so all that matters is the police brutality.

Amazing how racists can never grasp that concept.
@6 Could go either way, though for now I'm leaning towards KOMO's story, since I've mistakenly picked up jackets in a bar before thinking they were friends' jackets... but I'd wait until more info comes out before making a final judgement.

Either way though, kicking a suspect in the head after they're cuffed and subdued is completely uncalled for.
I hate thieves and abusive cops. This story has it all.
@8:"Either way though, kicking a suspect in the head after they're cuffed and subdued is completely uncalled for."

Absolutely. I think that the cops get a little too involved in their own myths about "taking down bad guys" in these situations. The fact that what happened leading up to the kicking is so grey only compounds this. I doubt most cops or people would care too much if a real criminal bumped his head being put in the car, but since you never really know who's who they don't even do that anymore.
On the other hand, if this kicker wasn't a cop, but just another drunk douchebag brawling in Ballard and got his kick in after the cops showed up it would still be a black mark on the arresting officer for not separating the parties.
In the end, I don't see this as being half the scandal any of the other recent events were. It's a drunk guy being a drunk guy and after another month that cop will be just that...not a cop and just another douchebag looking for a new job. Still not what we want from our cops, but that's the reality of it.
No one is getting the Mayor's memos. The Mayor has completely lost control of the City. The SPD doesn't give a shit what he says, nor does any other City Department, the City Council, County, or State.

To regain control McGinn should fire Diaz, replace him, and then immediately replace all the assistant chief's. At some point, the citizens of Seattle need to demand this.
"us " liberals" never took race into account in the first place"

Oh man, that's the funniest shit I've read all year. Thanks for that. Man, I nearly busted my gut.


Crazy Jaywalking Homegirl, Mexican Piss Boy and his Machete Wielding Friends and Trouble with a Knife
Wow, a case of police 'brutality' and only 12 posts all day? I guess when the 'victim's' arent Slogger's favorite pet minorities with rap sheets they don't care.
He flashed his badge and gun after he walked out of the bar and confronted the woman )and according to witnesses grabbed the woman who he basically chased away by innapropriate behavior)?

Question, can off-duty cops carry their guns into bars? Normal people cant.
Come on slog, where's the outrage! Only 13 posts? Maybe he yelled 'honky' when he kicked him! Think of the outrage!
He flashed his badge and gun after he walked out of the bar and confronted the woman )and according to witnesses grabbed the woman who he basically chased away by innapropriate behavior)?

Question, can off-duty cops carry their guns into bars? Normal people cant.
Come on, 13 posts and one repeat? Personally I'm happy a stupid white hipster got his ass whooped, they've been ruining Ballard far too long now. This cop deserves an award.
Calling James Bible.......
What is wrong with you people..... Two black gentlemen who confronted TWO CRACKER WHITE BITCHES who stole their coats were jumped by THREE WHITE BOYZ and a severe beat down happened. One of the black gentlemen happened to be one of Seattle's Finest and called 911 as he was being beaten. When the solo on-duty Seattle's Finest arrived, he saw mayhem and was forced to jump in without backup. As the on-duty Seattle hero pulled the WHITE CRACKER THUGS off of the two black gentlemen, one of the WHITE MUTHER FUCKERS broke away and kicked the black gentleman who happened to be one of Seattle's finest, in the head, which was witnessed by the on duty officer. This is a HATE CRIME.... where is James Bible calling for Justice? Where is Nicole Gaines? These WHITEY THUGS need to by lynched!!!!!! Deal with it!!!! This is a HATE CRIME.... has nothing to do with one of the victims, a proud black man being one of Seattle's Finest..... Looking forward to a vociferous statement by one of Seattle's Finest and most Honorable, Rich "Pornstar Moustache" O'Neill!!!! "Say Dat Den!!!!!!!!!"
Whoa, KOMO is reporting that the police report did not mention the guy getting kicked in the head. This means that the prosecutors did not have this information when they filed felony assault charges against the suspects. Nor did the suspects attorneys, until a month later.…

Yes, confirmed again, SPD is rotten and needs some serious cleanup and public oversight.
KOMO's story about what transpired prior to Garth kicking the suspect is based ENTIRELY on one unverified, anonymous source who is the sister of the alleged coat thief. Hardly a reason to attack his character and assume that all of it is true. Obviously, he made a serious mistake by kicking the suspect in the head, but no one should be defending the guys that jumped him or the girl that took the coat. I heard the story directly from Garth two months ago and completely believe his version of events. And O'Neill actually makes a very good point about the role race might have played in this.
@21: Okay, so let's not talk about anyone but the police officer who kicked somebody in the head for an unknown reason, but one that clearly was not self-defense. Should someone who ever thinks that's appropriate behavior -- and not just one-on-one in a back alley in a fit of rage, but in front of multiple witnesses -- be trusted to work as a police officer?
Where's the outrage slog?

"bein' pink don't make you colored boy. "

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