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I hear they got Mubarak's endorsement too!
None of'em remember Donald Trump from the '90s? I mean, he sucks now too, but he drove a fortune that was basically handed to him into bankruptcy, took bailout money from the feds, all while juggling a wife and mistress.

So seriously Donald, run! It'll be fun to watch.
Is he at all acquainted with getting people to like him? 'cause I'm pretty sure that's part of getting elected.
Any day now we're going to discover that the GOP is just a long-running marketing stunt for some soon-to-be-released reality TV show.
Who's excited for a Palin/Trump debate?
every GOP front-runner could be linked into a Borg-like Teabag-shaped collective, and Obama would still steamroll them flat. they have zero shot at unseating him, and retaining the congress when the young and ethnic show up again is doubtful after the spectacle they're conducting currently.

they'd be better off concentrating on finding a way to repeal the amendment that prevents Ahnold from running.
When are they going to get that there are more pressing matters than gun rights and abortion?
I am not only looking forward to the Palin/Trump debate but its 2014 re-match when Sarah and Bristol follow Joan and Melissa Rivers's pathway to the boardroom on Celebrity Apprentice.

You'd almost think the Republican Party wasn't interested in being serious.
Doesn't Trump still owe billions of dollars to the banks over his casinos? He's "rich" only because he's too big to fail, and must be propped up. Which actually describes the US economy as well.
I'm not thrilled at all...unemployment as high as it is? Fuck people...we could just end up with worse than Bush in 2012.
$5 says he'll give a speech in which he says "President Obama . . . YOU'RE FIRED! LOL!"
He could run for president, and his hairpiece could be his running mate.
On celebrity status alone, this is the candidate who poses the biggest threat to Obama yet. And I still think Obama can beat him.

Speaking of the next election, is it my imagination or is the tide turning a bit. I'm curious because of the falling ratings of right wing talkers, and in comment threads on the news sights (especially on the subject of Egypt) I am seeing a more liberal bent. It appears to me the party of No is falling down a bit, even with liberal discontent over Obama being pretty business as usual.
@11 only if it lived in a different state and had it's long form birth certificate from Russia with it.
2012 is going to be a zoo. I can't wait.
@6 That provision is from Article 2, Section 1, not an amendment.
@15 - and not a minute too soon. SNL's Obama isn't working, but these contenders are showing comedic promise.
Cato@10, I think Obama can hang on in 2012 if he competes against a bloody and damaged opponent coming out of a brutal republican primary. However, an open field in 2016 might open the way for a candidate worse than Bush, e.g., Ayn Randie in GQ clothing Paul Ryan.
Donald Trump is an entremanure.

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