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@1 seriously. As a monogamous gay myself, I've never been on Grindr, but I can't imagine there would be a use for it that would leave you monogamous.

Anyone in the Grindr world know something I don't?
Try Manhunt.
Spread that santorum around, Dan!
Could that carpet be any worse?
I hope you're wearing an haz-mat suit, Dan. You don't know what these guys can get on the floors of public restrooms.
Dan, aren't you afraid you'll leave CPAC talking about cutting taxes, attacking unions, and making those slutty women have their babies?
Thanks for taking one for the (slog) team, Dan.
By "just missed" getting your picture taken with Santorum, I assume you mean that his security team caught wind of the fact that you were in the vicinity and escorted you out?
Gross, that is so incredibly trashy

That carpet! It burns my eyes!
When you're bad, you're good!
Those DADT haters will love this.
So, you bump into Dan Choi and you go check out grinder... Seriously? Maybe Dan and Dan are such old and good friends that they're bored of each other and can't think of anything else to do together, but come one. Give us something! Talk! Bitch about something! Proselytize! Go get a beer and get the conversation on tape!

Can we dream of a Savage Lovecast interview edition with Dan Choi? Why? why oh why waste the oportunity to make a million savage/choi fans immensely happy?
Temporary interruption.

I just got off the phone with ERW and they need financial support. They have two important bills, one involves Ref. 71 and the other involves suicide prevention and education. Help them out if you can. Think about it?

Back to eww-ing over the carpet and checking out Dan, Dan and Grinder.
I'm a straight very liberal woman and if I had to visit CPAC, I would totally set up a fake Grindr account to see who and how many users. But they would probably all be straight very liberal women writing exposes or bored with their catering jobs.
Is it too much to hope that Dan will do some drunk slogging later?
Kim, can you give us a link?
Grndr is great if you are into guys who say...and this is no joke...are monogomous but I still need to show you a skin shot that shows my crotch. You know..the entire monogomy thing.

Why is everyone talking about monogamous? Or is there an audio track to the clip??
BEG, on the last picture they bring up, they say "oh, it says he's monogamous." Sadly, there isn't any catty gossip to be found on the audio, or I'd transcribe it for you in a heartbeat.
Ahhh, thx! :) Yes, do be sure to transcribe any and all catty comments! :D
SERIOUS QUESTION THAT HAS BEEN BOTHERING ME FOR SOME TIME: Does anybody know if Grindr was named after the Judas Priest song of the same (or very similar) name? I mean, c'mon, "GRINDERRRRRR! Loooooking for MEEEEAAAAT!!!"
You don't have Scruff?
@BEG: I'm really tempted to do a transcription labeling Dan and Dan. :-)

Choi [00:01]: This is like the lion's den of CPAgs.

Savage [00:03]: Alright,
Choi [00:03]: We'll see.
Savage [00:04]: let's see.

Savage [00:06]: Who's here...? Where's the nearest dude?

Choi [00:10]: A lot of headless... torsos. Nobody's writing to me.
[00:17]That's my profile. Anybody, ah, whoops.
[00:22]I'm all nervous 'cause Dan Savage is videotaping me.

Savage [00:25]: Well I just want to see where the nearest person is at CPAC, besides you. There's a couple people on.
Choi [00:30]: That's me.

Choi [00:32]: There's a guy, here.

Savage [00:34]: How far away is he?

Choi [00:38]: It doesn't even show. Fly; 500 feet away.

Savage [00:42]: Oh my god, let's see his face. Okay Fly...
Choi [00:42]: Alright. [00:45]Hit me up.

Savage [00:46]: You're 500 feet away from us right now at CPAC.

Choi [00:49]: But he has a husband, he's happy with the husband.

Savage [00:51]: Oh, one of those monogamous gays we've heard so much about.
Heh. I have to wonder what Dan would say to Senator Santorum. Or vice versa. That would be truly epic, if you ask me.

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