CPAC is supposed to be the big annual Republican pep rally, where everyone gets together and talks about how great it is to be a Republican and how everything will be all right once Democrats go away. They are supposed to look like the first half of the video on this post, in which Dick Cheney is greeted with cheers and chants of U! S! A! They are not supposed to look like the second half of the video on this post, in which Cheney is greeted with shouts of "WAR CRIMINAL!"

The one thing Republicans have always had over Democrats, since the Reagan days, is the ability to put together a united front. That is gone now. I'm unsure what's left. TPM has the whole, incredible story:

Rumsfeld is being given CPAC's "Defender Of The Constitution" award, a concept that apparently rankled [Ron] Paul supporters in the crowd. Many of them got up and walked out en masse at the mention of Rumsfeld, though some stayed behind in the conference hall to heckle the architects of the invasion of Iraq.

One shout of "where's Bin Laden?" rang out as Cheney spoke of Rumsfeld.