If Democrats were as disingenuous as Republicans, we would already be framing the Egyptian revolution as a direct result of President Obama's Cairo speech from about two years ago.

And I say, why not? Why not take ownership of it, for its political advantages? It's not like Reagan's "Tear down this wall" speech really tore down that wall. But if Republicans childishly insist Democrats take ownership of everything bad that happens during the Obama administration, why not take ownership of the good things?

I say, let's go on Fox News and conservative message boards and hit them with this: How many successful populist revolutions took place in the Middle East during the Bush administration? How much did Mubarak's overthrow cost the United States compared to the overthrow of Saddam Hussein? Which foreign policy seems more effective—the Bush Doctrine or Obama's intelligent, multitiered outreach? Make the Republicans equivocate and parse the facts for a while. Why don't we claim this as our own?