It's still early, but now that Mubarak is out it's worth remembering:

The Egyptian military—which has behaved with incredible restraint in the lead-up to this coup, and is now saying its coup is only in the service of hastening the democratic reforms the protesters demand—this military would not be the institution it is today without American funding and American training.

That is not to say that Egyptians would never have seen this day without America pouring billions into their military over the years. (Whether it would have happened some other way is simply unknown, because the situation is the situation.) It is certainly not to say that this kind of coup was an aim of U.S. military aid to Egypt. (Quite the opposite.) It is not to ignore all of the days before this one when the American-financed Egyptian military behaved in ways that shouldn't make anyone proud. (Those days should clearly not be ignored.) But it is to say this:

If ever there was a day when all those billions in American taxpayer dollars sent to the Egyptian armed forces seemed to actually work to the benefit of the Egyptian people, it is today.

We will see what happens tomorrow.