Also, if you write any software, the first version has to be perfect. It's not possible to make changes in successive versions. Iterative improvement is just a theory.
"Use your knowledge of science to help mock knowledge of science!"
It's too bad my life experience is reality-based.
There is a whole "God in the Machine" joke buried in here, but I'll be damned if I am going to dig for it. Of course, if you recited certain types of programming code out loud, it would sound to the uninitiated like you were talking in toungues. That could be fun if you wanted to watch a few fundie head-splosions...
Heh heh heh. And good call on the DINOSAURS tag.
The temptation to write backdoors into such code would be overwhelming...
Remember when they were looking for a Geologist? Now that was funny!
Can't they just pray for their databases? Seems like that would be a cheaper and more effective option.

Also, doesn't the Bible have instructions for that? They're not leveraging their in-house knowledge.
No, I think they'll find a lot of good Christianist dbas out there. If survival of the fittest applied to software, would SQL Server still roam the Earth?
It's entirely legal for a religious organization.

I don't share this organization's beliefs, but it's nice to see an employer standing up for first amendment values like freedom on thought and freedom of association.
I wonder if they have an equally restrictive list of best practices:
Every table must be joined with "God".
Now 'M' row should ever be joined with another 'M' row, and once two rows are joined they can never be split.
Every query must end with /*Amen*/;
No indices should be added. Let God optimize your queries.
My mistake @11. At least we cleared up the whole "it's science" argument they're presenting. Discriminate due to religion because the museum is religious not scientific, go it. Spread the word.
And when you get in there, sabotage the shit out of their IT!
Alas, my personal walk with Christ remains ongoing and elusive and uproven and therfore I must graciously decline....
I don't remember any references to SQL in the bible, so therefore it doesn't exist.
When the web site doesn't work right, just remind your manager that God loves infinite loops, stack overflows, and dereferencing null pointers.
Remember when they, or another christ museum outfit, were looking for a Barista. Almost the same god love required. Just to pour coffee.
@13: But isn't this fucking museum getting state funding? That should impose some regulations.
i love it! ...even the hiring mgr is a batshit Christian - big surprise there. Christianity just keeps getting nuttier & even more bizarre, spreading its "good news" to gullible people everywhere.
INSERT INTO Gullible_Minds SELECT * FROM Bible
@19: Well, yeah, but it's KENTUCKY state funding. Entirely different.
Why do they need a database management system? If they truly believe, then all they need do is throw all their data in a cardboard box and let Jeebus organize it.
Who the hell still uses SQL 2000 for anything?

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