I manage a 50 unit apartment building in downtown Seattle. The phone book people deposit their voluminous books to every door, every year, and every time the recycling bin overflows. NOBODY WANTS THEIR CRAP. PLEASE STOP.
i don't even bother to recycle them anymore

they make such a good banging noise as they fall 6 stories down the trash chute in my seattle condo building

i think i've thrown 3 of them away this year

and yes, i signed up for every single link on the "king country junk mail prevention" website. and i still get tons of shit in the mail, all of which goes straight into the trash can.
Those jerks don't even drop it off at my front door. They leave it out at the end of my driveway for me to run over. I want them fined for littering.
Slowly dying industry is dying. Slowly.
I've been to the YPA opt out site, and it asks for more personal information than I'm willing to give the bastards. Would much prefer that the city hang on to my info and only give the YPA a list of addresses not to deliver to. Like I've said before, if they want to exercise their first amendment rights, then distribute their products through books stores, news stands, and on line like everyone else.
Okay if they don't want an orderly opt out how about everybody puts a sign in front of their house or apartment that says “No Dumping, Phonebooks not welcome and will be prosecuted as illegal dumping". By state law half of the fine goes to the private property owner. We could also seek a change in the law to address serial violators and hold the publisher responsible for their employee subcontractors.

See article:…
Why don't we all just put the unwanted books on the front steps of DEX's office building? Block there door with a ton of unwanted books and we may get their attention...

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