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If she takes you up on it, someday you could be the Queen's Queen.

* woof *
"God forbid Dan Savage." Hell, I'd write to you before I'd write to Dear Abby every time.
Harry? I find him more of a wanker than wanking material, I guess. I'm just sayin'. Your tall shaggy-haired guy is much more of a win :)

OTOH -- I cannot *believe* he's already 27 yo. *boggle*
I know, right?
Huh, never figured you for a red-head guy.
Dear Kate, if you're as dumb as the average royal-marrier, you probably couldn't think to write me under an assumed name about your perfectly ordinary sexual questions...
You know that after a night of getting nailed by Harry you'd never walk right again.
Ew, you guys, really? Harry? Bleh.

(have a good weekend, gus!)
dear dan,

how do i ask my powerful, priveleged fiance to just shave his head now, so i, and the nation, am not forced to witness the unsightly balding process of a man not yet 30?

also, i want him to shave his balls, but the nation doesn't need to know about that.
@10, I know, ew. William is another story.
Harry really has grown from the gawky, awkward kid into quite the hunky young man, hasn't he? While Will has gone from the adorable twink to the somewhat prematurely aged man, rather like his father. Even so, I'd be happy to settle for photos of her fiance, which would probably be easier to obtain, too.
@13: Harry looks like his father, too.
How can anyone shave their balls, the regrowth stubble must be excruciating (unless you're into that kind of thing)? Brrr.
Harry has become, by far, much hunkier and hotter than William, folks. Wouldn't have thunk it when they were teens, but in their late 20's, William becomes more Charles-like every year. Harry- still hot and sexy.
@15- One gets used to the re-growth process, just as (I'm sure) ladies get used to the stubble/shave-it-off routine for all parts. BTW- balls and dick shaving or trimming is derigueur for a young man these days if he wants any oral from his lady.
Did anyone else notice from the original story that they were originally discussing filming the royal wedding in 3-D? If that had happened, it would have meant that 3-D had officially jumped the shark.
@14 - I deliberately didn't go there. ;-)
Canuck, happy weekend to you as well, if you check back here!
Harry is sooo hot. And I don't even like White guys, generally speaking. He and Ewan McGregor awaken some deep ginger breeding gene within me.
Of the 2, Harry looks more like their mama. Wills is looking more like Charles with every millimeter his hairline recedes. I'm not big on red haired men (as a redhead myself, I'm sure that makes me a bad person.)but Harry is yummy.
Copper makes for the best dental floss.
And having read about some of Harry's shenanigans, I would bet those nude cell phone photos actually exist.
Agreed, Catbailou! I don't think it's a bad thing! It's probably some genetic preprogrammed anti-incest mechanism, but Harry is a fine, fine man.
Well, here's a start for you Harry lovers ---…
I wonder what will happen at Wimbledon if they divorce.
Dan! Did you see this? "Prince Harry Parties at Gay Bar":

Not a nekkid pic, but two or three sheets to the wind, there. And artfully arranged shirt!
With or without his shiny black boots?
@16 Not so, my friend. My boyfriend had to shave his balls for his vasectomy and I wouldn't go near 'em til the hair grew back. Shaved balls are gross.
@13 Agreed. Plus, Harry seems like waaay more fun.

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