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Because the Seattle Times is the paper of record for Western Washington.

I think I cried a little when I typed that.
space between the advertisements must be filled with something. surely the stranger is aware of this task.
Lol, give 'em hell Goldy!
@1, yes, but I think of the Seattle Times as a body, if you will, it moves around, picking things up and putting them back down, often inoffensively, often very decently covering ground no other media outlet bothers to any more.

The Editorial Board, on the other hand, is made of heirs and sycophants whose goal is purely digestive, and it's got irritable bowel syndrome. It farts or it queefs, and not much more. It's the part nobody pays attention to, the part readers pretend simply isn't there.

And Goldy, bless him, perches in the Times' perineum to miss no delicious detail of each gassy eruption. "Hey kids", he shouts, "the Blethens had beans for dinner last night - smells like there was some bacon in there, too!"
@Gus, that was certainly one of the most lively analyses of anything I have read recently. I applaud you.

Headline is a typical example of news that is not news but proselytizing.

Show...don't tell.
No, you're right. Nobody's taking any cues from the Seattle Times. But if you think they're taking them from The Stranger instead, you're out of your fucking mind.
Damn, gus, you need to print that one off and cast it in bronze. Too fecking funny! (...and I don't even read that paper.)
@ 7 FTW
Gus @4,

Yup. That's pretty much what I do. So folks should feel a little empathy for me, if not actual pity.
I agree with Gus.

When I saw the headline I thought I would trundle over here and dish some unsolicited free advice since Goldy appears to think that media watching is a nessisary role for bloggers.

How about you roll shit shit up into a weekly Seattle Times Editorial piñata, a regular feature for people to pile on. Bitching about stupid things those dunderheads spew every time they post something is tiresome.
Ryan Blethen doesn't have the mental capacity to form a basic argument. We all know, and it is true that the apple that fell from that tree did not travel so far that it cast its own shadow.

In spite of the charmless ownership train wreck there are more than a couple able reporters toiling away, stepping around columnists, and over Ryan burning ants with a magnifying glass. Some people at the paper of record are worthy of something better than a broad brush.

Gus is right, every time the Ed board farts you don't have to run over and smell it.
Goldy, you are too fabulous ever to pity, so I'll try to work on empathizing for you. I may wish you'd direct your mania elsewhere, but you're the worker bee here, I'm just in the peanut gallery.

(Canuck, you're too kind as always! And 5280, I admire how you don't pee on our legs and tell us it's just plain pee on our legs.)
You might try a new spin. What, with Mubarak gone, will the Egyptian military do when Israeli jets blast away at Iran's nuclear power plants? And if the Egyptian population will demand their military join in a war against Israel?
Words to live by Goldy, words to live by.
Mr. Goldy is working the same troll as Erica C. Barnett when she was at the Stranger.

How'd that media navel gazing work out for her again?

Oh, Gus, you're a treasure.

Goldy, I just hope you pull away in time whenever there's a wet one.

How about we settle it? Put the Stranger's page views up against the Times.

I didn't think so. Keep preaching to the choir.

Perhaps the stranger should take a look at the sad sorry state of its own "news department" before casting pebbles.
Rake @17,

So you think that a paper should be judge by the quantity of its page views rather than the quality of its writing? That just strikes me as kinda odd.

I'd say that when those page hits lead to winning Pulitzers then yes.

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