In Iran, government officials are calling on troops to suppress the people. Oh. Wait. My bad. That's Wisconsin.

Gov. Scott Walker has seemingly declared outright war on state and local government employees and is threatening to call out the National Guard to back him up.

Gov. Walker (a Republican, of course) has asked the legislature to revoke collective bargaining rights for state and local government workers, allow state employees to opt out of paying union dues, and require any surviving public employee unions to be re-certified annually. And rather than negotiating with state workers, the governor wants to unilaterally double employee health insurance premiums, while mandating that state workers contribute 5.8 percent of their salaries toward retirement.

He's also asking for the right to fire any employee who doesn't show up for work for three days or who participates "in an organized action to stop or slow work."

Because, this is America, goddammit! (Or at least, Wisconsin.)

Of course, it is the public employee unions, after all, who were most responsible for the Wall Street shenanigans that brought down our economy and created this budget shortfall, so these government workers are only getting what's coming to them.