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OOoooh that looks yummy. Especially the Smoked Salmon Fish Cakes With Dill And Remoulade.

These are a staple in all of scandinavia- sooo yummy!
My favorite is räksmörgås, which is shrimp with a hard boiled egg (I only know the Swedish name; smørrebrød is the Danish word for sandwich).
Psst...on Fridays anyone can get this stuff at the cafe in the Swedish Cultural Center on Dexter.
I'm down with that. Sandwiches can be so boring. Just as long as they don't go overboard and make it uber-pretentious and expensive like some high end tapas bar.

If they made a restaurant like this that was moderately priced it would make a great lunch destination. It would be like Scandinavian Sushi.
YES. I'm amazed/disappointed this doesn't already exist.

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