Following a day of rage in which more than 10,000 protesters converged on the Capitol in Madison, Wisconsin, in opposition to Gov. Scott Walker's plans to strip public employees of their right to organize, the unrest continues:

In Madison, the Wisconsin State Journal reports, School Superintendent Dan Nerad was forced to close the schools today after 40 percent out of 2,600 members of the teachers union called in sick. The teachers' move was spurred by Madison Teachers Inc. executive director John Matthews, who urged members to call in sick and instead attend a rally at the state Capitol.

Meanwhile, in Milwaukee, over a thousand protesters gathered outside Walker's home, after a march ten blocks long.

Walker, who has repeatedly threatened to call out the National Guard to help implement his plans, cynically excluded law enforcement and fire fighters from his anti-union crackdown, obviously hoping to create a split between the people and the state's instruments of power, though fire fighters had reportedly joined yesterday's protests in force, in solidarity with their fellow workers. So far, the people have remained peaceful; it remains to be seen if the state can continue to show similar restraint.