Well, we could start with cutting Mr. Boehner's job - after all, one tax-sucking public-sector gubbamint employee is just as much a parasite as any other, right?

What a boehner.
Not American jobs, no.
Cant raise taxes, it will kill jobs.
Cant create new programs, it will raise the deficit and will new kill jobs.
Cant eliminate taxes to bil oil companies, it will kill jobs.
Cant create a single payer insurance plan, it will destoy the insurance industry and kill jobs!
Cant repair this bridge because we need to raise taxes to pay for it and that will kill jobs!

Republicans often dangle "Job Killer" as a hostage for the reason to refuse to do a number of things that society has deemed "broken". Then a guy like Boehner comes alone and says "I dont care if it kills jobs", basically doing a 180' from the short form GOP Talking Point Memo. Hilarious, but also sad.
Yeah because the republicans will ultimately blame Obama for the job loss. They're better at politics.

"We cut the budget, Obama lost the jobs."
That 200,000 number for jobs added is total crap. BLS for Jan 2009 - Jan 2011 is 58,000 jobs added, *mostly in security agencies*. Via Ezra Klein.
Well they DO care about the jobs of shady investers, corporate lobbyists, mega-corporate execs, GOP staffers and cheap laborers overseas. Other ones...yeah not so much.
Hiring 500,000 mercenaries and support staff overseas to keep up the Two Foreign Wars of Republican Adventure is hard, m'ok?
Sp. correction: investOrs
First, his number is way off. The bureau of labor states that 58,000 gov. jobs were created by Obama, not 200,000 (where the fuck did boner get that from?).

Also, the high unemployment rates that the Republibaggers have been wailing about for the last two years are driven primarily by government workers losing their jobs.

So boner and the Republicants are criticizing Obama for the loss of government jobs while at the same time, trying to eliminate more government jobs themselves, saying they're unnecessary.

Figures. Standard horseshit from the republibagger party.
@8 What you said.
For Democrats, creating a job means getting someone a regular paycheck.

For Republicans, creating a job means that there is market demand for the services a person is offering at the price at which they are offered.

While hiring additonal government workers clearly fufills the D definition, it's not at all clear that it fufills the R definition.
@13: This is actually almost a legitimate point. I guess the question is, if there is insufficient market demand to provide employment for everybody, what do we do about the remainder? Lower the work-week to 35 hours and distribute the work evenly? Government-provided jobs repairing infrastructure, in the vein of the TVA? Welfare state?

Oh, wait. I remember: Let 'em starve, and blame it on them for being lazy. Spend more money on cops and prisons to keep the scary starving people at bay. Gated communities.
yeah paully the government should hire ALL the unemployed that would solve the problem, eh?...
@13 - for Republicans, creating a job means creating one in China. What do you think this union busting is about?
Creating government jobs generates zero economic growth. Someone in the private sector has to fund the government jobs. Economic growth by definition comes only from the private sector. Mfg data released today is the worst in the last 19 months. GDP growth is anemic (1.5-1.9%) and much worse than what most economists predicted. What has government spending (stimulus) accomplished? Forcing tax-payers to fund uneconomic alternate energy projects like wind and solar. And now on top of it, the average family is going to see thier taxes go up by another $1600 to continue funding the nonsense.

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