You may remember the Guardian, the internal newspaper of the Seattle Police Officers Guild, written by and for the city's 1,350 cops. A controversy ensued after we quoted the Guardian's editorials about "the enemy," one officer's ambitions to repeal race and social justice training, jokes about shooting at the ACLU and African Americans, and contempt for police oversight.

There's a new issue out this month. I have to step out the door, so I can't do a complete write-up, but the latest edition hits back at The Stranger: "Where did all of this frenzy come from?" writes police-union president Rich O'Neill. "A 'newspaper' called The Stranger. I don't read the thing as I find it as credible as The National Enquirer." He goes on in his "president's message" to thank the officers who supported Birk, defend Officer Steve Pomper's record (despite Pomper calling race and social justice initiative a "socialist" agenda), and resists the US Dept. of Justice review of the SPD as "embarrassing." In closing, he tells officers to avoid another highly controversial use of force incident—but not because it's wrong—but to starve the city's (and The Stranger's) anti-police "feeding frenzy".

In same issue is a piece by Officer Aaron Stoltz called "Free Steve Pomper." He begins by calling the city's pursuit of "diversity and inclusiveness" a "jihad."

At the request of the police guild, links to full articles from The Guardian have been removed from this post.