I love Jack in the Box advertising. It's too bad their food sucks so much.
Well done, sir.
How dare you imply Jack in the Box should have its speech limited! Corporations are people too!
I can't believe there's no closer Jack in the Box-owned restaurant to the Madison capitol building than the Qdoba four blocks away.

It like my Americana spicy, so I always go for the Sourdough Jack with curly fries and 7 jalapeno poppers. Best when picked up at the driven thru at 1:30 am. No soda...don't need their HFCS.
Jack in the Box is being facetious considering the accompanying commercial during the Super Bowl. But it does hit home what a lot of people seem to think Amer'ca is really all about... (custom constitutional paint job on my big truck and a bison named Sarah)
My Jack in the Box tennis ball is shaking it's Corporations Are Your Master fist at you, sir!
Oh god no, a billboard for fast food. This is like some 1984 dystopian hellhole or something.
If'n ah cain't git mah Jumbo Jack, medium fries & Coke fer less then $5.00 - TEH TERRORISTAS HAVE WON!!!
Madison in the summertime is one of my corn-fed-farmboys favorite places on earth, but I would brave their winter winds if I thought it would do some good.
Wellnow, that should really have gone on Goldy's post, but my point stands.
@5 And that, John, is why you weigh 300 pounds and have bad skin.

I agree with @1. Great advertising, crappy food. I left behind a nice roll of flab and a great deal of gastro-instestinal distress when I stopped eating there.
That's some hard-hitting commentary, Grant.
What the hell does this post mean?
@15 - I think @9 nailed what this post is about.
Jack in the Box will win..

#12. Stalker.
@18 Hardly. I've been here long enough to remember your old avatar. Either way, that's still way too much food for one meal.
@18 Not only that but your comments actually smell fat.
Whoa whoa whoa. Uh, didn't we just go through a wee discussion about why someone's weight is their own business? And the state of their skin certainly as hell is. Let's stick to picking on people for their stupid-ass viewpoints, Hernandez. Sheesh.
@21 Sorry, sorry, mea culpa. How about this: I think that eating Jack In The Box is a stupid dietary choice and should be avoided wherever possible, and I'll leave it at that. Plus, stalking Bailo is absolutely the last thing I want to be accused of.
It is no shocker that the Wisconsin Governor Mubarak would threaten union members with the national guard.

In fact, it is historically consistent. The original reasons behind the establishment of that national militia, at state levels, with armories strategically situated around the country, was to put down labor "unrest" and strikes throughout the country in the early 1900s.

Few Americans are aware (I could end this sentence at that point) that the Rockefellers can be credited with America's first drive-by mass shooting, part and parcel of the infamous Ludlow Massacre.

A strike had occurred at the Rockefeller-owned mining company at Ludlow, Colorado. Rockefeller-financed thugs drove through the mining camp, spraying the miners' tents and shacks with gunfire.

Later, state militiamen -- the national guard -- were brought in to randomly shoot into the camp from a nearby hilltop, killing 27 men, women and children.

The unofficial count of fatalities was considerably higher, for during nightfall the Rockefeller thugs had crept in and removed a number of the bodies.

The Rockefeller family, as creepy as ever, has "honored" the memory of that massacre by locating the H.Q. of one of their subsidiaries, Rockit Solutions, at 333 Ludlow Street.

Most Americans incorrectly believe that the Rockefeller fortune to be a "has been" and are considerably ignorant of how, beginning with John D. Rockefeller, the family began hiding and sheltering their wealth through a series of foundations and trusts. It was John D. who hired the fellow who created the legal fiction of the holding company, in order to hide and obfuscate interlocking corporate ownership.

Today, the Rockefellers have at least 35 foundations, many unknown to the public, several rather obvious, but all serving as tax-free holding companies.

The Markle Foundation, a member of the Rockefeller foundation network, has been intimately involved in government policies, both in the previous Bush administration and the present Obama administration.

The highly fallible Forbes list of the richest only goest by public sources, conveniently overlooking the more complicated interlocking trusts, foundations, holding companies and endless offshore finance centers, thereby effectively ignoring the three greatest fortunes in North America: the Rockefellers, Morgans and Du Ponts!

David Rockefeller's Trilateral Commission has spawned America's presidents or vice presidents over the past 35 years. Although neither Obama nor Biden were ever members, at least 15 members of Obama's first administration were Trilateral members.

Conspiracy theory?

Negative. Simply klepto-plutocracy fact.
This billboard frightens me, hopefully, it will be gone soon.

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