A bunch of photos from last night's protests are over in The Stranger Flickr pool. Even though Officer Ian Birk was rebuked by the police department and he stepped down yesterday, the prosecutor's office wouldn't/couldn't press charges. So... does that make King County Prosecuting Attorney Dan Satterberg, like, a huge fan of cops who kill people?

Two-block radius!
  • Sarah Anne Lloyd on Flickr
  • Two-block radius!

The above photo is by former news intern Sarah Anne Lloyd. Then there's a photo taken by Michael Holden—totes my brother—that apparently shows some very young protesters knocking over traffic cones as they block traffic on Broadway (plus other protesters picking up those traffic cones). I'm all for protests, marches, rallies. But bullshit like this just serves as a foil to make their opponents—especially if their opponents are even-keeled Dan Satterberg or the police working the protest, you know, protecting the marchers from oncoming traffic—look more credible.

Even worse, protests like these make lots of sane people—people who are upset about police violence—avoid cop protests like they're radioactive.