8th Congressional District Rep. Dave Reichert apparently moved last month, and according to an article in today's issue of Roll Call, he didn't need to hire any movers to help him. No, apparently he's so beloved by his staff that three aides "volunteered" to lug his stuff for him.

According to Reichert’s office, the aides who took part in the midweek move did so of their own volition and used vacation days, a decision that Congressional ethics observers said likely kept the Washington Republican on the right side of House rules.

[...] Both the House and Senate ethics manuals bar Members from utilizing staff for non-Congressional work and offer detailed guidance on maintaining the divide between official and personal time when staff work on campaigns.

But individuals familiar with the ethics process acknowledged that there is a gray area between official duties and personal favors to Members.

Three aides gave up vacation days for the privilege of helping Reichert move? Really? Photos of the move were posted to one of the aides' Facebook page, along with the comment “We volunteered (AKA where’s my raise?!).”

Huh. I'm the newbie here at The Stranger, so I've got as much incentive to brown-nose the bosses as anyone (you know, figuratively), but if I heard Tim Keck was moving, well, he can go hire himself a fucking mover.