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Wait, Dan has almost 1000 fewer comments than Lindy. Why is he at the top of the list?
Good catch care bear.

Dan's fixing the stats because he's greedy and won't let girls win.
It's some function of posts/age, I think.
@3 is correct. I'm no mathologist, but it's some combination of number of posts with most recent posts—like an equation or an algorithm or something. "Algorithm"—at least I can spell!
Well, just to be a word nerd for a moment: Mary, 'refute' means to actually disprove something. I think you mean 'deny'.
Because nobody looking for a game where you blow people's heads off and watch the gore splatter on the wall wants to buy it from a company that doesn't cherish the talented processionals who call it home and have all the right culture and values and all that shit.
Bungie might be based in Bellevue, but they ended up there by chance rather than choice. I don't really think they should get credit as a local video game developer, as if there should be some sort of hometown pride going on.
@7, wtf? You realize that out of the dozens upon dozens of local, globally well known dev studios, virtually none are in Seattle proper?

Hell, before it was shut down several years ago, "EA Seattle" was in downtown Bellevue...
Their latest game named "Destiny" and codenamed "Tiger" mixes FPS elements into an MMO with a Sci-fi setting...

Sounds like mixed signals about the MMO that Google is developing that is FREE to play.

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